Flowers outside of metro atl

Before I ask. I'm not an ATL bride but its pick ATL or Savannah. ATL is closest. I live in small town, Georgia about 3 hours south of Atlanta near where Jimmy Carter is from. I spoke with a florist and haven't heard back from them with a quote. I have no idea what I'm looking at for price but we really only budgeted about 300 for everything. We have a small WP 3BM / 3GM FG RB. Were considering 2 Ushers but that's not decided. We also have 2 mothers, 2 grandmothers, 1 father, and 2 grandfathers. Is it necessary for all of these to get flowers? Not all of them are real family...that's counting my moms husband and his mom and stepdad. I didn't grow up with them in my life and I don't call them dad grandma or grandpa or anything...I am just trying to think of ways to cut cost and still use real flowers..
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Re: Flowers outside of metro atl

  • There are several wholesale places you can get flowers from.  I know a couple of brides that have actually used Sam's Club. 

    And I'm in the same boat... I live between Milledgeville and Eatonton... not Savannah or Atl!
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  • I'm getting all of my flowers from Kroger. It's going to be about $300 - 14 centerpieces, my bouquet, BMs bouquets, 6 boutineers, 3 corsages. They're really flexible, so it was a really good option for me.
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