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has anyone used or thinking of using this site to help in the process of their name change?  there is a groupon out there for $15 for $30 service and I'm not sure if I should buy it. 


  • It's a waste of money in my opinion. The name change process isn't that difficult.
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  • how much  would u say changing your name w/o using the site costs?
  • I *think* it was only like 15-20 to get my new liscense. I dont think or remember it costing anything at the SS office, granted that was two years ago and my brain doesnt want to work today.

    You'll basically be filling out the same forms and you still have to go into the offices.
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  • Ditto NCSU.  The only item that cost me money to change was my driver's license.  Everything else was free (although I haven't done my passport yet.)  Plus it looks like the site charges you $30 to fill out the paperwork, but you would still have to pay the fees to have it changed so they aren't saving you money, just time it takes to fill out paperwork.
  • thanks ladies!
  • Got suckered into it. Can tell you from firsthand experience: save your money.

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  • It's not worth the money.  The process is a pain, but it's something that anyone else can do FOR you, so even if you spend the money, it will still be a pain.   Having said that, it's not THAT bad.  
  • My new DL was $13. Everything else was free to change. Save your money and do it yourself - it seriously wasn't that hard.
  • I'm in the middle of the process now. So far it only cost me $11 to change my DL.  SS and bank was free.  I'm holding off on my passport until after our HM next week.
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  • Thanks ladies and thanks OP my one friend got a "gift card" i believe for it and wanted to see what it was all about. I don't know how much she got but i will ask her after her wedding if it helped. I probably wont use this site.
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    [QUOTE]<strong>Got suckered into it.</strong> Can tell you from firsthand experience: save your money.
    Posted by RamonaFlowers[/QUOTE]
    Ditto this, unfortunately.  Complete waste of money.
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  • I purchased MissNowMrs from a Groupon and am glad I did not pay the full $30 for it. They make it sound like all you have to do it fill out some forms and your name change will be all complete. You still have to take time and go to the DMV. The form you print out will not be correct so you will have to fill out the DMV card to change your name on your license and registration. You also cannot just mail a notification to the bank they will need you to go in because they will need you to sign a new signature card. The administrator for your health insurance will need to contact them to make any changes to the plan such as name and address changes so a letter is not going to suffice there either. Basically you can write your own notification letters for doctors and credit cards and mail them out with copies of your marriage certificate. I live in New Jersey and there is no short cut for changing your name. Take a half a day off work and do it the old fashion way and do it right.
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