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Never let family borrow money

This past Sunday my aunt any my three cousins to get their tux fittings.  While we are their she asks the sales rep is she needs to make a deposit.  The sales rep told her yes, $20.  Then she tells me that she didn't have the money to put the deposit.  I'm thinking, then why did you come and do their fitting.  I told her that I could pay the $60 for all three if she paid me back.  She said yes, she would pay me back on Tues.  Well it's Friday and it's been bugging me that she hasn't paid me.  She called me and I asked her if she had the $60.  She said the $60 for what.  I told her, the $60 for the tuxes.  She says, all I have is $40.  I told her that I want the $60 all at once.  If I had taken the $40 she would never have paid me the remaining $20.  I told her I need that money because I have a lot of deposits to pay next week (I lied but I had to).  She then changes the subject.

I'm so irritated with her right now.  She has known about this wedding for so long so I don't know why she couldn't budget so she could pay for their tuxes.  I can't keep helping her.  I bought her BM dress, I bought her kids school clothes, plus she wants me to throw a B-Day dinner for her next week...WTF!  I do enough for her, I need my damn $60.  I'm going to keep bugging her until I get my money.  End vent.
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Re: Never let family borrow money

  • Back around Christmas FMIL's car broke down. She said Christmas wasn't going to happen and she was really upset because that's "her" holiday (and so is Thanksgiving, but we won't go into that). FI & I gave her $400...and have yet to see it. I've made comments to FI about getting it, but I know he won't. He feels like he owes his mom because she became a single mom around when he was 14.

  • WOW....Sorry you're dealing with this, but I agree keep bugging her until you get your money back.  Also, I wouldn't help her out again nor plan/pay for a B-Day party.  Just not cool for her to be using you!!!
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  • I second this.  No reason to get into the story but I second this.
  • Yeah, I agree.  When you borrow money you have to know that there is a risk you won't get it back.  I lent a friend $2000 because she didn't have a car... couldn't get a loan (SIGN)... it's been two years and she still owes me $700!!  Needless to say, we don't talk anymore.

    Good Luck!!
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