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what should grooms wear?

well i plan on having a country "rustic elegance" wedding. i like the color themes of purple/ pink with orange and maybe some champagne color or brown tones mixed in somehow...
well anyways me and my future groom dont want for the groom and groomsmen to wear tuxes..we were thinking more of like really nice some button up nice shirts...nice casual country..NOT HICK!! .have any good ideas for attire for them? also with this casual should the bridesmaid dresses be?

Re: what should grooms wear?

  • Sounds good to me as long as that's what your FI wants.  DH's step-BIL wore a suit jacket, nice dark jeans and Chucks for his wedding.  It looked good and was very much his style.

    Maybe sundresses or knee length cotton/cotton sateen dresses for the BMs.
  • What ever you guys want. My groom is in a tux, but he has a Mossy Oak camo vest & tie plus his shoes are black work boots like he wears all the time. I figure who the heck cares what his shoes are and if they are comfortable to him, then he wears them.

    I like the idea od knee length BM dress, but I think you could even go with regualr BM dresses, just short & casual shoes, like a sandal.
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