Confession/Vent Wednesday

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Re: Confession/Vent Wednesday

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    I confess that I have no desire to get to work on time this week. I'm supposed to be here at 8:30 and haven't even been leaving my house until after 8 so I roll in around 9. I really need to get on the ball, but I can't seem to get out of bed in the morning!
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    I confess that I got my wedding pictures back from Amy and they are BEAUTIFUL! but I can't show anyone until my mom see's them and she is in VEGAS! Grrr!
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    I confess that I have had it with one of my friends recently.  She recently changed positions at work and you would think she is the only person in the world who has a job that keeps her busy.  We usually talk a couple times a week and she hasn't returned my calls in weeks.  Occasionally, I'll get a text that she is "SO BUSY" and sorry she hasn't called me back, but usually it takes a couple days to even reply to my texts.  I mean, seriously?  How long does a phone call or a text really take?  And then one time she called me back while I was waiting to get my prescription at the pharmacy so I texted her that I was in a store and I'd call her back in 5.  But when I called her back 5 minutes later, she didn't pick up.  And then my birthday was yesterday and she didn't even call.  I'm not narcissistic, I swear, but that kinda pissed me off.
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    I confess that I feel horrible and terribly guilty for being irritated with my MIL during the wedding planning process.  I should have been nicer, especially when I talked about her to other people.

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    I confess that I totally p'd that I have to find a new dress.  Your probably tired of hearing about this but it really ticks me off.  Not jus the fact that I have to start over but all time I put in to that dress.  I drove the shop five times at over an hour each way.  It was my decision to go so many times but I figured for the perfect dress it was worth it.  What they said I could get in, in time isn't want I wanted, can't try them on and there out of my budget,  Than my family tells me not to be so picky and just find something and be done with it.   Come on, you spend that kind of money on a dress and I tell you to not care what it looks like.  Yeah I don't think so.

    End of rant.
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    Vent:  My mom had this dog for years, decided she couldn't take care of him anymore (he started biting), so my brother took it in.  Brother is living with a roommate for the summer, is afraid dog will bite the roommate, so he sends it to live with my dad for the summer.  My dad goes on vacation, asks me the day before he's leaving to take care of the dog while he's gone.  Mom won't let the dog stay at her place, says it's not her dog anymore.  I can't have the dog at my apartment because he'll eat my cats.  So now I have to drive across town to my dad's house 3 times a day (including before I leave for work in the morning!) to take care of the dog.  For two weeks!!!  How did this become my problem?!?  So annoyed at my whole family!  
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    I confess that I'm irritated with the Catholic Church and all the crap they put couples through that want to get married .

    I confess that I'm secretly hoping I can convince FI that getting married at 5:30pm is the way to go instead of a 2 or 2:30pm service and then having a huge gap.

    I confess that I"m irritated with FI for not caring about these issues as much as I do!
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    I confess that I have lost all interest in doing any DIY for my wedding. At the beginning of the planning process I had boatloads of ideas and now...I have zero interest in doing any of it. I think I will be spending money on buying things instead of trying to create them myself.

    I confess that I decided to work from home today simply because I wanted to make dinner in the crockpot and couldn't if both FI and I left for work at 7am. So, I stayed home. I told my boss I had a stomach ache.....I lied.  (not that it would matter but for some reason I feel guilty for working from home when I don't absolutely have to)
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    Vent- I am NOT a fan of new technology. not one bit. and when other people decide to guinea pig new technology that ends up making my life harder it ruins my day. Also- the guy I share an office with tells the same stories EVERY SINGLE DAY and I'm about to lose it on him.

    Confession- I'm blowing over my wedding budget. I'm not super concerned about it, but I wish I had reigned in my spending a little bit. at this point I can't even cut the guest list because I am already pretty bare bones. It's a bummer because I was hoping to fit in some last minute projects, but I don't see that happening (even at 4.5 months from the wedding).
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    I confess that I am getting pretty anxious to get our engagement photos back.  I am not a patient person to begin so that doesn't help.
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    [QUOTE]I confess that I feel horrible and terribly guilty for being irritated with my MIL during the wedding planning process.  I should have been nicer, especially when I talked about her to other people.
    Posted by melhunny[/QUOTE]

    THIS! I confess that I was going to strangle FI when he sprung his mom on me for an entire weekend without telling me she was staying at MY house, not his. She didn't stop talking for a minute, told me horrible childbirth and breastfeeding stories AND checked my phone to see who texted me when I wasn't in the room. WHAT?!?!?

    Then she gave us a check on the way out the door to pay for 1/4 of the wedding...
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    I confess that I'm also irritated with the catholic church, we met with the priest and supossedly everything is taken care of and we don't meet until the rehearsal the night before, but it turns out he didnt tell us anything.....we would have ended up with no ceremony music!!!!!

    I confess that I don't feel like going to hang out with my FI today after work, I have to much wedding stuff to take care of.... if he only knew Undecided
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    I confess that I wish I could get another wedding dress, I feel like I could have gotten something better : (  too late now!
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    Vent: I am going to strangle many people at my job. I need a new job stat, in the mean time I just need to focus on why I do my job, which is to help children.
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    I confess: Looking for a job in Michigan (for my field) is awful! I hate that you have to know someone just to get in for an interview at the company! Why not hire the person who is more qualified? 
    I also confess: I am so happy the no-texting while driving ban goes into effect tomorrow! Put down your effing phone and pay attention!!!!
    I'm out!
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