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Timing and living out of town

Ok so you probably get asked this question a lot but I just looked through pages of posts and didnt find the answers I needed. When should the bridal shower be held? Also when should you get your marriage liscence? I live in Tennessee and my wedding is in Missouri so which state do I get the marriage liscense in?

I have lived in Tennessee for almost a year now and made a lot of friends that I cannot invite to the wedding but I dont want them to feel left out. What do I do?

Re: Timing and living out of town

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    You will get your marriage license in the state in which you are married.

    I'm sure your heart is in a good place on wanting your Tennessee friends to not be left out, but it is an ultimate insult to invite someone to a wedding related event if they aren't invited to the wedding.

    Here is something you could do - after the wedding, you and FI have a super casual dinner party for everyone, make some great comfort food and invite your friends over.  You can share your wedding pictures with them and have a great time.

    Hope that helps.  Good luck!
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