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Registry Check!

So Fi and I went out yesterday and registered at BB&B and Target, then I came home and did Pampered Chef.

I had SO much fun and Fi said it actually wasn't that bad, haha.
I must say that I was really organized before I went on what we all needed really helped and made it go so smoothly!

Here is what I did for all you girls who haven't registered yet and would like some advice:

-Printed off registry suggestion lists from all the places I was registering and from the knot.
-Went through the lists and figured out what we needed/wanted and how many of certain items we needed (ex: Towels)
-Did some research and read reviews online at the stores for some items so I knew exactly which one we wanted (ex: blender, slow cooker, cookware, etc.)
-Made lists of each store and the items I knew I wanted to register for there and how many of each item we needed.
-Made a list of items needed but did not have a preference on where I got them from (can openers, pizza cutter, etc,)
-Took my sheets and information on what I researched with us and checked them off as we went.

I know it seems like a lot but it really didn't take me that long to do it and saved us SO time in the stores.

I hope this helps!
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Re: Registry Check!

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