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Holy Help With Colors!!!

I need some big time help....although I won't be getting married until 2013 I know it will come fast and I am trying to decide on colors for our wedding.

We are having our wedding down the shore at Mallard Island Yacht Club in June.  Although it's down the shore, I am not really going for a beach themed wedding....we are doing more of a garden tea party type of wedding with some centerpieces being vintage bird cases.

The colors I am going for right now are black and lilac (for the brides maid dresses). But want to play with the colors of a peacock feather as well (ex: like a light green color) for accent colors.  The only problem is the ceiling in the reception room is a robin's egg blue and the chairs are a goldish cream.  Do you think these colors will be too clashy? Or do you think I should just play around the with black, lilac, light green, and light blue colors??

Need opinions on if this is too much....or any other ideas would be much appreciated!! :)

Re: Holy Help With Colors!!!

  • In Response to Re: Holy Help With Colors!!!:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Holy Help With Colors!!! : I don't think it would clash.  I never took the venue colors into account when picking my colors.  I doubt anyone is going to look up at the ceiling and say, "Oh, no, the colors don't match!" ;-)
    Posted by edielaura[/QUOTE]
    This.  No one will notice the colors of the room, just your colors.
  • What PPs said.  My wedding colors were dark purple with light green.  The entire floor of our church was carpeted in a hideous red carpet.  I never heard anyone say that the red clashed with our colors.
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  • I think everything you've been thinking of sounds lovely - don't worry about what the venue has.
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  • Black, lilac, pale green, robins' egg blue,  and goldish cream complement each other.  You will be just fine.  

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