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March 2010 Weddings

Verbal RSVPs

Do you guys take verbal RSVPs as an official one?  I'm just wondering cause a few of my friends and family still havent sent theirs and they have told me they will for sure be there and I'm wondering if I should tell them to still send them in?
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Re: Verbal RSVPs

  • I have a few like that as well, and ironically, most of them that haven't officially RSVP'd are in our wedding party. I guess they figure that if they're in the wedding party, then RSVP'ing isn't important? I'm waiting until March 1st, and if they haven't sent back the RSVP, then I am just going to ask them once more to make sure they are coming or not.
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  • In Response to Re: Verbal RSVPs:
    [QUOTE] At this point, I have given up on people sending back their cards, and now, really anything counts.  It still amazes me that people can not fill out a card and send it back!
    Posted by jgleespen[/QUOTE]

    My thoughts EXACTLY. Facebook me, text me, call me, whatever, just tell me whether or not you'll be there and what you want to eat!! Two weeks to go, people, this is not a drill!
  • I waited until a week after the deadline and then got on the phone. There were a few people that had told me originially that I knew sending back a card wasn't going to happen so I accepted that, but everyone else I called to confirm.
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  • Yes, I am accepting verbal RSVPs - and sometimes not even directly from the source. But I guess there's a lot of other stuff going on with some of the people (like their son is really sick) so especially in that case I'm not going to bother them with mailing back an RSVP.
  • I've asked grandparents about family members, text a few people, facebook messaged a few others, and made FI track down a few more.  I just need an answer people; are you eating in two weeks or NOT?
  • Ugh I find that extremely annoying.  We had several people do this.  We asked them to send it in anyways (it already had a stamp).  They said that they would but they never did. 
  • Lol Denim thats awesome. wish i would have thought of that line. it shouldn't be hard if that's the only part of the wedding they are playing part in. just check yes or no and stick it in the envelope and put it in the mailbox! how hard is that.
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