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As some of you know, my FI and I cancelled our $6,000 Sandals honeymoon in the Bahamas in order to save more towards a house.  We are looking into something closer to a total of $2,000.  From what we have gathered, our best bets are somewhere in Mexico or PuntaCana. We are also interested in Puerto Rico, particularly Old San Juan.

Does anyone have experience at any of these locations?  We are open to any suggestions or input! Thanks!

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Re: Honeymoon recommendations

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    'i haven't been to either.  
    Have you checked out  I have found it really helpful for travel to India and Europe.  We going to use it for our HM to Thailand as well.  

    They may suggest something you haven't considered.  Also there are so many people who review resorts, hotels, areas etc you get a really good picture of a place.  

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    I've been to San Juan (we stayed at the Hilton) and I will tell you that it's not exactly a bargain vacation spot.  It reminded me of Hawaii in terms of food costs - you can easily spend $100+/day on food (3 meals + any snacks) for and drinks for 2 people even if you are not a big drinker and try to find modest eats.  Because everything is imported, everything is more expensive.  
    IMO, your best bet is to find an all-inclusive in the Caribbean/Mexico.  I think by doing that you'll be able to get the most bang for your buck.  We enjoyed the Iberostar in Riviera Maya (good food, nice pool).  We also stayed at a small boutique hotel (Azul Beach) in the Riviera Maya for a friends' wedding and did not like it at all.   
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    What about a cruise? You can easily stick to that budget and go to a few places! 
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    We did Disney World for around $2200 (thru AAA), and had a blast.  I know it's considered "typical" but it was great to have stuff to do, or be able to relax.  I know they are running several specials right now, you might look into that- you might be able to get it for cheaper than what we paid, since we didn't really get any discounts.
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    I've been to Cancun, but never stayed at an all-inclusive, so I can't give you a rec for a resort. But Cancun is beautiful and awesome and I love it every time I go back.

    FI and I went to RIviera Maya 2 years ago and stayed at the Paradisus, which was awesome. The resort is beautiful, food is great, and everything except excursions are included. We had unbeleiveably great service while we were there, but I think that was more due to the fact that we were like the ONLY ones there thanks to the swine flu epidemic. It was so peaceful.
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    I totally recommend Cancun - I've stayed at the Dreams (higher budget), and the Flamingo (very low budget), but this time we're doing an all-inclusive. had amazing deals for all-inclusives plus airfare.  Our honeymoon was a gift, so I tried to find pretty economical stays and we're doing the Park Royal Cancun for four nights, five days for $1200.  Not bad.  Cancun is always a great time, and I don't like to barhop, but I love the sights, snorkeling the cenotes (underground caves) and exploring the Mayan ruins.  THis time, we're gonna try some jetskis.  Enjoy your honeymoon!
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    I went to Cancun but for college for spring break and so for that reason I would NOT recommend it.

    I have also been to Riviera Maya (Iberostar Del Mar), Los Cabo (Riu Palace) and P. Cana (Bavaro Princess)....

    Hands down I would recommend Los Cabo, the Riu Palace. The Palace and the Santa Fe are on the same property so you could do the Santa Fe if you want to save money. While Riviera Maya Iberostar Del Mar was great too!!

    I would NOT recommend P. Cana... I got ill there! Awful vacay!

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    Hey ladies,

    Thanks so much for the recommendations.  We met with a travel agent today and discussed some options.  Apparently rates are WAY up right now - she was surprised at how expensive things were.  She is going to keep checking for us.

    We did look into cruises but have had a hard time - none of them leave just after our wedding.  We did find a 5 day to Bermuda that leaves a week after the wedding.  I will let you  know how things pan out!!
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