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XP: Been kinda MIA

Here's how the last week of my life has been.

Last Sunday (Easter) - DH and I put in an offer on a house that we fell in love with.

Monday - We got an unacceptable counteroffer back from the seller and countered back. In the meantime, I drove all over town on my lunch break tracking down some W2s that I was missing so I could send them to SIL (our mortgage broker) to get approved for a loan.

Tuesday - The seller countered back again and this time we accepted. MIL (our realtor) grabbed the nearest home inspector that she knew and we did the home inspection THAT NIGHT with my friend who's getting married in January with us because she and I were out BM dress shopping when DH called me to let me know the home inspector and he were at the house. Home inspector found a couple things wrong that made us a tad bit uneasy, but we decided that we'd just send that back to the seller and see how things went.

Wednesday - I got rear-ended by possibly the biggest truck IN THE STATE on my way to work. My car sustained over $2100 worth of damage and I went to the ER to get myself checked out. I had whiplash, but the neck xrays looked good. Despite pain meds and ice packs, my neck is still occassionally sore TODAY - 4 days later. I dropped my car off to get appraised. My mom took me to see MIL so I could borrow their "extra" car since the insurance company couldn't get me a rental until Thursday morning for some reason and I needed to get to work. MIL was organizing a charity yard sale, and while we were there I bought an awesome dining room suite (table with leaf and 6 chairs) for $200. Sweet.

Thursday - I sent MIL an e-mail with the list of things that needed to be fixed per the home inspection, and got to pick up my (sweet) rental car.

Friday - The seller came back and told us she would fix all the minor problems, but not the major problems (like rot in the siding and too little attic insulation). So we said have fun trying to sell a house that's rotting, we're getting a new build. So we retracted our offer and now we have to start all over looking for a NEW house. Which sucks because I'm on call at work next week, so we have to wait until the week AFTER to get out to the new build neighborhood we've decided on and pick a floor plan and get the build started and blah blah blah.

Yesterday - I went to a lingerie shower for a friend, which was actually fun.

And now I'm back. How was everyone else's week? Lol.

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Re: XP: Been kinda MIA

  • What a crazy week! I didn't know you guys were house hunting, that's exciting! :) Is your H done with school this semester? I forget how much he had left. 

    That sucks about the accident and damage, glad you are ok! My first accident ever was getting rear ended by a semi truck.. I was driving my mom's Honda Civic... unfortunately it was totaled. Luckily I have only had super minor accidents since then. 

    Well good luck with the new build! I'd love to have the opportunity to design our home some day. Share your experience! I'd love to hear about it. :)
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  • WOW! Crazy! I hope you get better soon and find a house quickly!

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  • Good luck with the House!   A new build would be so fun!
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