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Okay, so I know this is super wierd, and very OCD of me...

But does anyone else dislike the fact that people would rather send me an RSVP via Facebook, then write their name on the card, and send it in the mail? I have been trying to account for them, but I try to make sure to say, "Dont' forget to send your RSVP, I love getting mail :) " LOL... I know that its so ridiculous!!  And I cannot believe that it bothers me... But I'm like I spent .44 on that stamp! LOL..

::Okay now after reading it, I realize how dumb I am LOL... Don't judge too hard! LOL::
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  • Oh, that would make me mad! I don't think it's OCD of you at all.  I think a lot of people that haven't gone through the wedding process just don't get it.  Not unreasonable for you to tell them to take the .2 seconds to fill out a card and take it to the mailbox! ;)
  • FI's mom came over last night to drop her off and for some reason it annoyed me. LOL. Felt the same way about the stamp, too.

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  • I get what you're saying. I couldn't have made it any easier on them. The envelope is labeled with sender AND return address, AND a stamp. All you have to do is X yes, or no! Really, it's not that hard.

    My RSVP date is Monday...I have a feeling I'm going to be making a lot of calls.
  • I can understand where you're coming from, but for us, most of our guests who are coming had already booked their flights before the invites even came out!

    Not many surprises in the RSVP front.
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  • No this does not make you unreasonable in my mind.

    With as much money as I spent on stamps, if I don't get the RSVPs back in the mail then I had BETTER be having my stamp returned at the wedding. 

    Honestly, I have only had one person try to RSVP via some method other than sending it back, and my mom squished that pretty quickly (it was one of her friends). 

    Plus, it is a widely known thing that I am making the final list based on the written cards I have returned to me, therefore, if you RSVPd by facebook, etc. that doesn't count, and you will have neither a place to sit or anything to eat.
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  • LOL...if I ever get my (bleep) invitations out...then I had better get the (equally bleeped) RSVP cards back!!!  I spent a lot of money on postage darnit and I'm poor to begin with...they can humor me this once!!!
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  • Mail responses only. I will harass those that email/FB/call me with their response.
  • Like I said in a previous post:  "That's why there's a [email protected] stamp on it Dewayne!!!"

    You're normal.  I rest my case! :)

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  • hahaha - I hear you ladies...I particulary don't care for the FB RSVP because of all the people on there who were *not* invited start fishing for invitations...<sigh> 

    No matter where I roam, I'll always be a California Girl at heart!
  • I am not a fan of the Fb rsvp and I have gotten one because she is bad at sending them out. Really? Just send the reply. All the rsvp are going to my parents. I love calling and asking what we got in the mail today.
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  • it's not dumb at all - but - consider this at least you're getting responses! i have a feeling a whole lot of stress is going to unfold for me in 2 weeks when my rsvps are due and FI family still hasn't stepped up to the plate...at that point i'd take FB lol! but yes, towards your point, we even provided postage AND you have to choose your meal so i don't understand why people just can't send it back.
  • I agree with PP at this point my RSVP date is Monday and I still have about 80 people that I havent heard from so if they want to send a FB message, whatever Ill take it, at least I know yes or no.  But yes its a pain in the a** knowing that we spent all this money on stamps and they cant even have the curtesy to check yes or no and stick it in the damn mailbox!!
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  • It makes it very difficult to plan the wedding for food/cake when people won't let you know if they are coming or not!  I had people that came but didn't send an RSVP and I also had people RSVP but didn't show up.  What's up with that?!! 

    Needless to say I had a ton of food and cake left because of it.  I had to call the bakery and get a bigger cake for more $$ of course because more and more people said they were coming but did not show up. 
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