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RSVPing, then canceling?


Re: RSVPing, then canceling?

  • Wow, that bride is cray-cray.  I'm getting married on the same day as her and just ordered my invitations two days ago...with an RSVP date of April 27th (which I felt was a little early, but wanted headcounts in for catering).  What a b.
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  • I know under most circumstances it is rude to RSVP then cancel when something "better" comes up, but this is the woman's SON and it sounds like a rare opportunity! I'm sorry but family comes first! Bride is being unreasonable. I get the fact that you want yes or no answers, I for one HATE maybes, because they usually end up as no's anyway, but she has 3 months and this sounds like it's a really important reason! If the brides is so hell bent on sending her B-list invites, why not just send them now for every no she's received? I don't understand why all B-list invites have to be sent all at once?

    FYI: I know I'm going to have a B-list, and on that list who are borderline A-list but I just can't afford to accomodate all of them. If anybody from my A-list declines, then I'll immediately send out the invites to the top people on my B-list. I know there are people on my A-list who prob won't come(out of state family) but I invited them anyway because I do want them to come if they can make it out here.

  • haha I only suggested a nice gift bc OP sounds like she has good manners, and I'm guessing she'll feel guilty if she doesn't. I like to kill classless people (like the bride mentioned) with kindness, and sometimes it helps me walk away from rude people by doing exactly the right thing. But I do love the idea of a rooster!! LMAO :)
  • What, no engraved Tiffany frame?
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