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MAC vs. Clinique makeup

I wear MAC daily, but have been told maybe MAC wouldn't be best on my wedding day. Anybody have any input? I'm looking for a natural nude face but with a smokey dramatic eye and just not sure that can be done at Clinique...

Re: MAC vs. Clinique makeup

  • I'm wearing MAC on the weddind day, I wore it for my boudoir shoot and it stayed all day. I'm opting to not use their foundation though because its pretty heavy and made me look really shiny and greasy but all the other makeup was fine.
  • I agree about the foundation.  I had MAC makeup done for my engagement pictures and the foundation felt like it was suffocating me.  If you wear it daily you might not find it so bad.



  • I wear MAC daily as well but I did airbrush for my wedding and was so glad I did. It was very light and during my May wedding, I didn't feel like I was wearing anything (can't say the same for my silk dress). It stayed all day long, even at 11 for our sendoff, it was perfectly in place, 13 hours after application. If you can splurge, I feel airbrush is completely worth it for all day stay. 
  • I hadn't even thought about airbrushing. I will look into it for sure now. Thank you!!
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