RSVP Deadline?

How far in advance are you setting your RSVP deadline?  Is it ok to set the deadline more than 3-4 weeks in advance considering that most of our guests will be coming from the mainland?

I'm just worried because we have to pay our caterer in full 30 days before the wedding, and I don't want to pay for people who aren't going to be there!!!

Re: RSVP Deadline?

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    we're doing 2 waves of invitations... our out of towners are getting their invites mid April with a deadline of mid-May or so.
    our locals are getting theirs mid-May with a reply due mid-June (4 weeks in advance of our wedding).

    something blue hawaii decided this for us since they're doing the invites... so i think it's fine! :)
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    My wedding is June 10 and I set a May 1 RSVP date.  Everybody is traveling including us and if they don't know by then, they probably aren't going is my philosophy.
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    Our RSVP deadline is 6 weeks prior to the wedding.
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    Great, thanks!  I think we are going to go with April 1 deadline for our May 15 wedding.
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    Our wedding is March 15th and we set our RSVP date for January 1st. Even though it's only a month and a half away we still have guests who are on the fence and are still looking for tickets. I personally wish I would have set my RSVP earlier due to this reason. It's a pain to plan not knowing an exact number so close to the wedding, espeically when I want to order things for OOT bags and what not. After planning my own wedding and knowing the annoyance of late RSVPs, I will now be the first guest to RSVP to weddings in the future. :)
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    I think we did ours 6 weeks in advance.
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    My wedding is April 8th and I sent out my invites the first week of Jan. with an RSVP date of Feb. 5th.  The deadline is a week away and we still don't have about 50% of the replies.  I figured this kind of stuff would happen so that's why I did ours a little early.  Plus, everyone will be coming in from out of town. But, I know we still have people on the fence...
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