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Wedding In LI- Family visiting staying in nyc- NEED advice

Hi Girls,

 So I need some advice, My fiance is from california. We booked our wedding at cheteau La Mer for June 2013. The wedding is on a Saturday at 5:30.  We figured the oot guest would want to stay in the city so we are having rehersal dinner in nyc, i will then head to LI with my girls.  Here are my questions.

1. DO we provide a shuttle bus from nyc-- />Venue on Saturday( cost isnt the issue)
2. Do we provide round trip and have them go back to the city, or just offer one way and get block of rooms near venue?
3. Should we get a block of rooms in the city, for thursday& friday and then a block Saturday near the venue?

--Its just confusing  and I want to make it as stress free as possible,

Re: Wedding In LI- Family visiting staying in nyc- NEED advice

  • If cost isn't an issue, I think you should provide option 2 in the event since.  It's likely that many of your OOT guests will not rent a car and a cab will be an additional expense.  As for option 3 I would find out which guests wish to stay the entire weekend in the city and which guests wish to break up their stay.  This will help you estimate the number of rooms and nights that you need to block.
  • I agree with Cinderella - if the cost isn't an issue, I'd just set up a block of rooms in NYC and have a shuttle going to/from the NYC hotel that has the block.  Guests who are staying elsewhere in NYC will then at least get a ride back to the city, and will have tons of public transportation available to get back to whatever hotel they chose from there.

    If your local friends & family are big drinkers and/or have far to drive, it might also be a good idea to set up a small room block near the Chateau La Mer for just Saturday night for local guests, but this is definitely not at all necessary, and personally, I'd only do it if I could set the block up for free.

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  • Thanks for the advice!!!
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    What is the reason you think the guest would want to stay in the city? Have you asked if they can stay on LI for all the days? That way you don't have to book 2 seperate hotels.
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