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Reception Ideas

Money bags or card table

My FMIL brought it to my Attention that she would like for me to carry a money bag. To me it seems a bit outdated and I have seen card boxes placed on tables for guests. So basically I'm not sure of which one I should go with. I'm open for any suggestions
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Re: Money bags or card table

  • i would go with card box pple can put money and checks in card that way you can thank them .  its hard to remember who gave you X amount of money
  • I've never head of anyone carrying a money bag.  

    Of the guests who gave us money, NONE of them used our card basket at the reception.  They all either mailed the check (some before the wedding, some after), or handed it to us sometime during the wedding weekend.  Nobody at any point tried to hand us cash or a check that wasn't accompanied by a card.
  • IMO I'd definitely go with a card box. 
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  • IMO, I would go with a card box.  I've seen lots of nice card boxes on etsy, pinterest, etc. 

    The money bag is a bit antiquated, but it also is a tradition for some cultures.  A friend of mine recently got married, and she comes from a very large, traditional Italian family.  At her reception, she carried around a money bag or a "boosta" bag (think of the wedding scene in Goodfellas).  It wasn't my style and I found it to be a bit tacky, but again, it was her something that was customary for her culture.  
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  • I'd use a box, or something like that.
    We are using a black iron bird cage, and I made bunting that says "CARDS".  
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