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Does Kinko's print addresses on envelopes?

My uncle is a printer in Canada and was kind enought o gift us with the invitations. My mother mistakenly thought he said he was going to print the addresses on them too. He isn't. My wedding is in August and the invites should be coming in (and hopefully going out) next week. I live over 4 hours away from my mom and she is taking care of getting the invites out (and the responses). I told her she could have the invites sent to me and I would figure out a way to get them addressed. She says no- she wants to do it. She is NOT computer savvy and will never figure it out. I am thinking maybe Kinko's can print labels out for her and then she just has to stick the clear labels on the invites. What are your thoughts/ experiences? I am really bad at this wedding planning thing...

Re: Does Kinko's print addresses on envelopes?

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