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The chick who introduced me to DH is in town with her husband for the weekend. You may remember her from several crazy stories. H refuses to hang out with them anymore, but for some reason I can't say no to her.

They want to have dinner tonight, and they're staying in the city. I have no idea why I agreed to go, but the last thing I want to do this evening is drive to the city during rush hour, find a place to park, and suffer through an expensive dinner with people who I barely consider 3rd tier friends.

Would it be totally transparent for me to fake sick?

Re: Do Not Want

  • Bail. They're less than 3rd tier, what do you really care?

    PS. Please be putting me on your christmas card list. the ones on your blog are awesome!

  • I would bail.  I'd try to come up with a better reason than sick.  Or no reason. "Sorry, it looks like I won't be able to make it to the city tonight. I hope you have a great dinner!"  End of replies.

  • I don't even know if I have her number. They were living out of the country and came back just before we moved out here. We made plans over fb, and they're flying in today. I'll try to text her, but I may end up having to suck it up.
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