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Dance help...

So, this post is more about things going AGAINST tradition.  My father will likely not be in attendance at my wedding due to some trouble he got himself into.  My fiance's stepfather is also one of his best friends, so I've asked him to dance with me at the wedding.  I was initially thinking of dancing with him to Brad Paisley's "He didn't have to be" since its my fiance's song for him, but now I'm not sure.  If he dances with his mom to 'their song' and I dance with his stepfather to 'their song', do I ever get a song for me?

So, there leads another problem... If I pick another song, I'm not sure which one to pick.  His stepfather and I really aren't THAT close, so all of those mushy songs would just be awkward and unfitting.  UGH... help, please!

Re: Dance help...

  • Is there a male family member of your own that you could dance with?  Like a brother or Uncle?  I think it would make more sense to either skip the dance or dance with someone who is close with YOU rather than your FI.
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  • I agree with Dani.  I'm sorry for whatever has happened that will keep your dad from your wedding.

    But I find it odd that you'd choose to dance with your FI's step father when you say you're not really that close.  I'd consider another family member:  including your mom, or just skip the bride/whoever dance.

    And of course, you get songs you want.  Songs that you love don't have to be played only as spotlght dances.  They can be played all night long.  And isn't the song that you and your new DH going to dance to a song for both of you as well?
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