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I did not get a chance to respond to you yesterday.  Well, I slept ok last night.  I did wake up in the middle of the night, but briefly.  I think I'm going to keep a sleep diary.  I am going to do like you suggested and right down the things that bothered me or the things I didn't say to who ever aggravated me and write it down in my journal so I don't bring it to bed.  I am also going to use it to keep track of whatever it is that I did that helped me sleep.  Last night I kinda cheated because I took some medicine because I felt like I was catching a cold.  I really don't want to take sleeping pills, but if the problem presists I may have to.  But I'm going to try a bunch of other things before it gets to that point.  I think the potential to sleep without it is there.  I talked to FI about the fact that we eat dinner too late and he agreed, so he is going to make an effort to cook earlier.  I also told him about the ;) exercise routine that you recommended and he definately agreed with that LOL!  But seriously, I do need to work out, because with my job I just sit behind a desk all day and it's like FI said, I'm inactive so I have a lot of stored energy. 

Hopefully I'll figure something out so that I don't have to take sleeping pills.  I really don't want to take the unnatural approach.  Thanks again for your suggestions.

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    Oh you are welcome! Iam glad you were able to sleep last night, cheating or not. LOL
    Yeah, the resolutions you took are good ones. Just hang in there...
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