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May 2010 Weddings

Hey May Brides


Re: Hey May Brides

  • Where are you from: Richfield Utah Wedding date: May 27 Colors: CAMO!! Anything Interesting: I know I am the youngest getting married on here! And I have a 4 month old son
  • 1. Where your from - Tampa, FL2. Date of your wedding - May 1, 20103. Colors - Eggplant Purple and Lime Green4. Anything interesting about yourself - I am one of the youngest faculty members at the college I recently started working at and often get mistaken for a student (I just turned 25)!
  • where your from- Born in NC, raised in WA and OR, live in GADate of your wedding- May 22colors- Black, Hot Pink, Champagneanything interesting about yourself- I'm a full time student and I love crafts!
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  • Where are you from-- Baltimore, Maryland

    Wedding Date-- 5/01/10

    Colors-- Black, white and red accents

    Anything interesting about myself--I am really big into Pit Bull recuse, problem is I have a hard time giving them up. Currently have 3 Pits and a Cairin Terrier. We are looking for a big house with a lot of acreage just so we can rescue more!

    Congrats to all May 2010 Brides!!!
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  • Where are you from-- Charlotte, NC

    Wedding Date-- 5/15/2010

    Colors-- Blue, White (Maybe pink and/or yellow)

    Anything interesting about myself--i have three dogs and two cats and love animals!!! i love the beach but refuse to go in the ocean!!!
  • where I'm from- Miami, Florida... but I currently live in New Jersey
    Date of my wedding- May 22
    Colors- Eggplant, silver, and gold
    anything interesting about myself- I'm a twin!  We're both nurses.
  • .where your from-  Moonville, SC - but living in Easley, SC until my wedding.
    Date of your wedding- May 7, 2010
    colors- Lapis, Wisteria, Berry/Fuschia
    anything interesting about yourself-  I'm an illustrator and I've played violin for 15 years now.
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