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Hi ladies!!!  My boyfriend and I have plans to get married and started shopping for rings!  (YAY!)  I found the most stunning ring at Osterman Jewelers (first place I stopped!).  I shopping at 6 or 7 other stores and could NOT get that ring out of my mind!

Does anyone else have a ring from Osterman?  Is the quality good?  What about the service for repairs?

Thanks for all of your help!
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Re: Osterman Jewelers

  • Mine is from Ostermans.  I have no complaints!  I would strongly recommend the extra cost of the service plan.  They inspect the diamonds in my ring every 6 months and will repair/replace anything should I need it (including the largest center stone)!  My ring has a lot of channel set diamonds and I have had to have a couple of those tightened.  No big deal.  If your ring is white gold, they will redip it whenever you want for no extra change.  I had mine redone right before the wedding so that it looked brand new in the pictures.

    Osterman's is also affiliated with Kay Jewelers (along with others, Kay just is also in my area) and you can take you ring to any of these other jewelers affiliated with them for service.  Should you move in 10 years, you will be able to find them in any part of the country.
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  • Thank you!  I'm so in love with that ring I have been reading lots of reviews just to make sure!!  I told my boyfriend to not get it from one sales lady though...I have a very small mole on the side of my chin that I am really self conscious about...she told me she had a son with a mole and thought it always looked like he had been punched and said that mine reminded her of that.  SERIOUSLY!? 
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