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Okay so in a week we are having an "Engagement Party" but really it's more of just a dinner for everyone to get together at and meet each other as far as our parents and grandparents go, because we both have divorces/remarriages in our families so there are a lot of people.

We're hosting it ourselves mainly because it was our idea, and it's not that formal. It's going to be at a little local Mexican restaurant, and the dilemma we're having is people (namely our parents) keep telling us that we shouldn't be paying for everyone's meal ourselves, but I feel like we invited them, we set it up, it's our duty to pay for their dinners.



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    I agree with you, you are throwing the party and hosting it, you should pay for everyone if you can afford to do it.
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    I think you should pay. However since it is family, I would just play it by ear. Some families won't let the younger generations pay for anything while the older generations are there & get insulted (really insulted) if the older generations don't pay. Just offer to pay, but I wouldn't turn this into a fight. You know your family better then us.

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    I agree with it being a meet and greet, not an E Party. Pay for it yourself if you can, but as PP said, if a parent/grandparent steals the bill, don't fight it. Just let it go.
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    Alright, well I've been to multiple parties recently where the guests pay for their own meal. Some family members and friends of mine had said that it's not right to have guests pay for their meal, but more recently it's become more popular.

    I saw something recently on that said to word the invitations with "we'll celebrate with a dutch lunch/dinner" and then include the average meal price. :) I'm sure your guests would understand. Unless they're totally old fashioned. haha. They should understand that you have a wedding to  pay for as well.
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    Please don't follow brim's advice.  If you wound up issing invitations, that actually implies that you're hosting.

    Yes, I understand that my friends have expenses but that doesn't give them license to be rude to me.

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