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December 2010 Weddings

Anyone not sending out STD's?

I'm just wondering if you have to send out save the dates. We have a very limited budget and I think the invitations will be enough, but what do you guys think? Are save the dates a must?

Re: Anyone not sending out STD's?

  • I doubt we're going to do save the dates.  We have a limited budget as well, so we'll probably just spread the word via e-mail, phone calls, seeing the people in person, etc.
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    STDs definitely are not a must.  If I weren't able to do them for less than $1/each, I probably would not be doing them at all.

    I think they become really important if you're doing a destination wedding, or if you're getting married on a holiday...or maybe if you have a lot of out of town guests.  I know I wanted to send them because we are getting married so close to the holiday, and we have a lot of out of town family that I really want to be there, so it felt a little more me (I love snail mail) than just sending out a mass e-mail.
  • We are sending STD's simply because we have A LOT of out of town guests and I want to make sure they have our wedding website, the hotel where the block of rooms is at, etc.. I don't think they are a neccesity just something that we think will be helpful for all of our out of towners.
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  • I'm sending STD's because we are doing a NYE wedding and I have quite a few out of town guests.  I am planning on sending them mid March out to people.  Although most of the important out-of towners are my Fi's family so they are already looking for airline deals.
  • Thank you so much everybody! You guys are a huge help and made me feel so much better! I don't think we will be sending out STD's because we can't fford them and maybe we can email everfyone for free. Thanks guys!
  • STDs are not necessary.

    They are very nice to send out if you have a lot of guests needing to make travel arrangements.  It gives them advanced warning so they can seek out a good flight deal.

    Another good reason to send them is so that people can make their holiday plans without committing to something on your wedding day.

    Of course, word of mouth can work just as well as STDs.
  • We are still debating about STDs. On one hand, we have a lot of oot guests, and our wedding date is the weekend before Christmas. Our guests have to compete with people flying into the area for college graduations for hotel rooms, so letting them know about the hotel block ahead of time.

    However, our budget is really small. We are thinking email and word of mouth will have to do. We will set up a website and post the hotel information there.

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  • My father thinks I need to because of the holidays, and he's paying so we will. I'm getting married on the 11th, well before Christmas, but his concern was that a lot of companies and people have holiday parties around then. An actual STD isn't really necessary, but make sure that the people you really want there know before Aunt Sue plans her annual cookie baking party or Uncle Larry makes reservations for his law firm's holiday dinner.
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  • We are sending out save the dates this summer because we are getting married the Saturday before Christmas.  Since a lot of our guests are OOT we want to give them plenty of time to plan to come.
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