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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Haven't had the wedding yet but.....

So i don't have any regrets about what I am planning for my wedding, but I am regretting how quickly I rushed into securing a date. I picked one based on some circumstances, which have since changed. But I decided to keep the date. 
What I'm regretting is that I found a BEAUTIFUL place that is exactly what I had envisioned...but's booked. And I can't change the date because I have already sent out save the dates and my mom's family has already applied for their visas and passports to come here. 

I know there is not anything I can really do about it now, and I know it's not that big of a deal, doesn't matter where the wedding is as long as it happens. But it kinda sucks to finally find my dream location and not be able to do anything about it. 

Re: Haven't had the wedding yet but.....

  • Can you change your wedding to a Friday or SUnday of the same weekend to get this place?  How far away is your wedding?  In general, you should never ever send out save the dates till you have a venue secured and paid a deposit for it.  If your wedding is more than eight months away, it wouldn't hurt to send out a second save the date and also quickly call everyone to let them know there may be a change of plans.  
  • The wedding is May 21, and the venue did say that that Sunday is available. This venue is also only 20 minutes from where I was originally going to hold it. One plus is that I can do both the wedding and reception in one spot, vs ceremony in one spot, then driving to the reception, which is what I have planned right now. 
    My only problem is the guests. Many have school aged children, or work for school districts, and that is around the time frame of many finals. I would say oh well, but FH and I are very close to our family, including the extend-eds. I feel like I would have enough time to change it, but I don't want to appear rude, or however it would come off. 
    Also, this place is cheaper than the reception hall itself by 200....that's my other motivator....
  • That does suck. But I definitely would have secured the venue for the date you wanted before sending out STD's and all. Hopefully you will find another place you like just as well. Or maybe you will have to change your plans a bit; ie: outdoor wedding vs indoor, etc.
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  • If the place that you like is available for that Sunday, why not have an early wedding? We got married at 11am and the recetion was over at 4pm. That would give your guests more than enough time to get home at a decent hour.

    And the whole time, my future husband was in the room...... image image
  • I agree with Miss Courtney.  I don't think it would be too horrible to have it on a Sunday.  Think about what is most important to you.... having a Saturday evening wedding with a place that you don't like as much or having a Sunday afternoon wedding in a place you love.  Both have pros and cons so weigh them before making your decision.  
  • You could plan to have a different party at the venue you love sometime in the future. Maybe a 5-year anniversary party or something like that?
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