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WARNING!!! Avoid "A Bride's Design" in Westlake, OH - no "deals" are worth it

Brides, mother of the brides, bridesmaids.............I want to spare EVERYONE from going through what I had to go through. 

***A Bride’s Design in Westlake****
Not "A Bride's Design," but "A Bride's Worst Nightmare!"

THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!!I ordered my bridal gown from them and they were so "nicey-nice" UNTIL they had my money.  I questioned my dress order at the very beginning of the order and when I paid the deposit.  Laura reassured me that it was correct even though her book swatch looked different than the sample that I had tried on.  I had to keep requesting swatch samples over the course of the first 2 months because they wouldn't follow up on it properly.  Later, when swatch sample after swatch sample (of my particular dress order) kept coming in not only the wrong color, but the completely wrong fabric, I got extremely nervous.  I kept getting more stressed out and questioning that the correct dress was even ordered or being made.  Laura just laughed it off and didn't do ANYTHING to try to remedy the situation or relieve my stress.  She even joked about the situation stating that "the swatch lady is on vacation!"
Needless to say, my dress came in just 2 1/2 weeks before my wedding IN THE WRONG COLOR!  I ended up having to take the sample gown off the rack just to have a dress for my wedding (the decision that I made after they offered another bride's dress as a swap and I refused).  Would you want YOUR dress traded out to another bride's "dress gone wrong?"  They were extremely difficult and unsympathetic and resistant about discounting the sample dress.  They PROMISED me that they would have it cleaned because it was dirty, have it altered in time and alter it to fit and to be as "good as new."  TWO days before leaving for my wedding, I was stuck picking up a FILTHY sample dress that they didn't even alter to fit me, just to have ANY dress for my wedding.  They left me hanging until the last possible moment and did not do what they promised.  They completely ruined my wedding day and this kind of service SHOULD NOT be expected when you're ordering a $2200 couture wedding gown. 
After the fact, I contacted the designer in New York to try to get some resolution from this disaster.  A Bride's Design COMPLETELY lied to them as well as me, blaming the designer for all of the wrong-doings and then lied to the designer and said that they did EVERYTHING to accommodate me when they didn't.  The designer in New York then, left the ball in my hands (which were tied).
They do not care about customer service or doing THE RIGHT THING!
They are advertising a store closing 50% off sale........................hmmm, wonder why?!?!?!Spare yourself the trouble.....................there are NO DEALS that are worth it!!!

Re: WARNING!!! Avoid "A Bride's Design" in Westlake, OH - no "deals" are worth it

  • JKohioJKohio member
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    edited December 2011
    Um, if they are closing, wouldn't customers be purchasing the inventory they have in stock, rather than special ordering anything? What you see is what you get. No chance for bait 'n switch. That's typically how 'going out of business' sales work.
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  • bdgbridebdgbride member
    edited December 2011
    Yes, but the false promises, completed alterations, etc. are still the same issues, regardless. 
    Also, my understanding is that one of the owners will continue working out of her home.  I just want to warn people that they act all accommodating and nice to get the initial sale, but then don't follow through on anything.
    For example, if they lack follow through on a full price custom bridal order when they're fully in business and then don't do the alterations that are expected/promised, what makes you think that they'll hold to anything when they're closing and completing things out of the owners home?

    I'm hearing more and more that I am not the only person who has experienced problems with this store.
  • edited December 2011

    I don't know what your deal is but you are CRAZYYYYY!  I got my dress at A Bride's Design and the service was AMAZINGGGG.  I posted about A Bride's Design after getting my gown...they were just so wonderful and accomidating!

    I actually had a similar problem with my gown when I ordered it...I was a little unsure about the color when it came in.  They assured me that they would do anything to fix my dress, and they did.  They sent my dress back to Tara Keely and they completely made me a new gown and got it to the shop within 3 days!  The color was perfect, and they even gave me a discount on the dress and free alterations just for the inconvenience.
    I cannot imagine that they would not have not gone out of their way for you as well.

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  • edited December 2011
    I bought my veil there-  I think it was a discontinued style (I couldn't find it on the designers website), but I LOVE it... and it was less than half of the other veils I looked at other places.   I was compltely happy!
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  • bdgbridebdgbride member
    edited December 2011
    AMANDA...........You're the crazy one...........and obviously connected to the vendor in some way.  Otherwise, your "story" wouldn't EXACTLY match their false and inaccurate responses to the agencies that I've filed complaints with!

    There is NO WAY that the same exact scenario and same exact response would have happened to two completely different people. 

  • bdgbridebdgbride member
    edited December 2011

    Amanda...............you're BUSTED!!!!
    You are obviously friends with Laura from A Bride's Design.  You are a friend on her facebook page and you're outed!

    Amanda K. Hahn is a facebook friend of Laura Opfer Smith, the owner of A Bride's Design.

    Yep, you posted for Laura and used her "fraudulant response" as "YOUR STORY"

    THE TRUTH COMES OUT................................
    (I'm sure that the other "wonderful" experiences are from other friends postings)
    Let's all watch her hide her friends list now......................
  • edited December 2011
    I will be the first one to admit that I am Facebook friends with Laura.  After she helped me out so much with my dress and helped fix the problems I had with my dress I friended her on Facebook and she accepted.  I knew she would be a good person to stay in contact with because I want to work in her industry after I graduate college.  I don't know why you are SO concerned with Laura and trying to "out" some big conspiracy...but you sound like a crazy stalker.

    I can assure you and everyone that I got my dress at A Bride's Design, had a problem with the color and it was fixed.  It is not surprising to me that you got the same responses I did because we had the SAME problem with our dresses...and I am friends with Laura on Facebook because I friended her. There is no big conspiracy.
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  • bdgbridebdgbride member
    edited December 2011
    You're saying that it's no "coincidence" that you ordered the same dress as I did and the same exact scenario happened to you and A Bride's Design responded to your "dilema" EXACTLY (detail for detail) the way that Laura has claimed that she had responded to my dress problem (which are complete lies).

    Do you really think that people are that naive or stupid?

    I'm not claiming a conspiracy...........just trying to warn people about the disaster that I encountered and that nobody should expect this complete lack of service when they spend thousands of dollars.  I'm just trying to warn people from having their wedding day ruined by someone who couldn't care less and just wants to take peoples money and not follow through.  Her lack of ethical business practices have obviouly landed her where she belongs.....OUT OF BUSINESS!

    And your explanation for her facebook friend is tough to buy.   Trust me, I know what's going on.  Her "wonderful" reviews and the submissions to agencies  that I've filed complaints with are FAR and FEW between and have IRONICALLY come into play just following these agencies investigations into the matter.  She's scrambling to try to save any amount of her namesake when all she had to do from the beginning WAS DO THE RIGHT THING!
  • edited December 2011
    You're just pissed because SIX people showed up to your wedding in Canada because no one wanted to come!!!  SIX.

    I know a few things about you that others might find quite interesting:
    1) Denise is in her 40s and acting like she is in high school...stalking people on Facebook seriously?!
    2) Her wedding that 6 people showed up to & this "wedding dress issue" happened OVER A YEAR AGO
    3) She ordered her dress only 6 weeks before her wedding when it usually takes at least 9 weeks to get a dress in!

    Denise, you are way too old to be acting this way...sorry that only 6 people showed up to your wedding, but GET OVER IT!!  STOP trying to get money back on your dress that you wore over a year ago & STOP attacking the owner of a shop where you got your gown OVER A YEAR AGO.  
    It's so sad that someone your age would be acting this way and holding on to something this long.  Maybe you should concentrate on your marriage because I would imagine that your husband, if you're even still married, is quite miserable.
  • bdgbridebdgbride member
    edited December 2011

    ONCE AGAIN, you've PROVEN by these statements that you are a liar and that you make stuff up as you go along.  Thanks for your additional INACCURATE documentation............it may prove useful in the future.
  • Woah. Anger. "bdgbride" is NUTS. I HEART CAPS LOCK TOOOOOOOO.  Jeez, if you were so worried from the beginning it was YOUR fault you didn't pick out another dress from somewhere else as a back up (There's the caps lock again. AND AGAIN!) Oh, and Laura helped me with my dress, and it was, and continues to be, perfect. Damn bridezilla, SHUT YO FACE. CAPS AGAIN!!!
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