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September 2010 Weddings

Baker Update

Sooo... 3 weeks later and I still get no quote for my groom's cake. I popped in the store last week because I was in the area and she didn't have one yet for me and I said well I do have another design so I'll email it to you. Today as been a week since I was in the store so I emailed them and I said it's been 3 weeks since my first email and a week since I sent you an email with the second design. It shouldn't take you this long to get a quote from your cake designer. Then I stole LauraT's email she wrote when I complained about this 3 weeks ago and copied it to my email. Well what do you know? I get a very quick response. She tell me that the 3D figurines woulnd't be doable.... really? I see other bakers do it all the time, but whatever. So she only gave me a quote for my second design. She says that there's a delivery charge of $10 (not bad) and it will be delievered to The Mansion. Say what??? That is not my venue!!!!! So I emailed her back and I said thank you for getting me a quote but I noticed that you have on the proposal that the delivery location is at the Mansion my venue is ____. Can you please confirm that this is the location that is written in my file? So I'm waiting to hear back from her.

ugh!!! As good as this cake tastes I won't be ordering from them again unless they get a new PR because this "owner" sucks!!! I'm definitely not ordering my groom's cake from them because it's more expensive  than this other baker I found. All I want is for my wedding cake to look good and be there on time and at the right place on the right date.

Re: Baker Update

  • Did you sign a contract/is it too late to get another? With that kind of response (or lack there of), I'd be worried about service on the wedding day, you know?

    I love my puppy ... and my husband, I swear!
  • how frustrating!  keep us updated, i hope they clean up their acts before the wedding!
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