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FI and I bought my wedding band in vegas a few weeks ago on vaca. They sent it to us and its goregous. But there was no paperwork, no proof of authenticity or anything which I find weird. Did you get paperwork with your band??

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  • Is there diamonds in it?
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  • I've typically only seen that with diamonds unless it's an unusually rare stone; I've never seen a cert. of authenticity with jewelry regarding the metal for example. 

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  • FI got a certificate like that when he bought my engagement ring. When we went back to order bands they just gave us an appraisal that had the type of metal, total carat weight  and color of the small diamonds on my band, and size. I would call them to at least get the appraisal sent over if you want to get it insured.

  • yes it has diamonds, an eternity band. I asked about it and they said they are sending an appraisal but I am still concerned!
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