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NWR anyone been on a cursillo weekend?

My FI has been on a couple and really thinks I would enjoy it.  Any advice if you have been?
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Re: NWR anyone been on a cursillo weekend?

  • Don't even know what that is. Sorry.
  • Yeah, I don't know what it is either?
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  • So...what are you talking about, Heather?
  • I have never heard of that, is it a regional type of thing?
  • I've never heard of it either.

  • http://www.cursillo.ang-md.org/participate.htm

    Go there it will explain, I just googled it:-)

    As for you question I have never been I don't know.
  • Ok, I read the link Jessie posted.  I think your FI would know better than any of us whether you would enjoy it, though!  You might post on the Catholic board for some opinions, maybe some of those ladies have done this.
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  • Ohhh. A few of the girls on my local board went to something like that. I don't know if it was called cursillo though. They said it was the best experience and that they were able to achieve a deeper connection with their FI's.

  • It's life changing- DO IT if you can!!!!
  • We went on the Catholic Pre Cana weekend which looks to be very similiar.  Our was over night and a campgrounds.  Honestly, really disliked it.  I'm in my early 30's and my FH and I already live together (a big no no in the church) and it made us feel like we break about a thousand other rules.  It was very hard to be ourselves and it was truly catered to those that were just getting out of college and stepping into the world with their parter. Most of what they talked about we just couldn't relate to and we had already worked through that phase of our life-the whole getting comfortable with who you are thing.  That being said we are also not super devote so it felt really preachy.  It felt like the other 16 couples that weekend were big church goers and only 4 couples including us were over 23 in age. Our church required it though so we did it.  
  • Thanks everyone. FI wont be with me and no phones allowed.  I am thinking I will do it. In our area they start on a thursday and end sunday night.  You have to be sponsored to go on one.  Chad would sponsor me. in our area also its not just for catholics any cristian can go but it was started and is held by catholic people.  

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