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September 2010 Weddings

hair trial was not good...

So I had my hair trial this past Saturday. I started going to this salon just after I got engaged so I would be comfortable with my stylist and her with me. I had talked with her about what I wanted over the last few visits and we agreed on the style. Saturday I brought in pictures of the style I wanted. After curling all of my hair, she started pinning it up and I was hating it. The style I want is flowy wavy and romantic. Then she said she was just trying something she thought would look good. I am overweight and SO extremely not happy with myself and did not wat my hair pulled up highlighting my triple chins. I have accepted my weight and so on, but really wanted something informal ( because our wedding is) and pretty, I ended up crying because of the 4, yes 4 up-dos she insisted I try. Finally she attempted to do what I wanted and it looked so-so. Such a bad experience, I ended up being just stressed and emotionally exhausted after almost a 3 hour hair appointment, I came home and slept on my so-so hair do I had just spent $40 on.

Sorry so long, had to vent and now quite worried about this...
September 18, 2010 :o}
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Re: hair trial was not good...

  • Awww sweetie I am so sorry that you felt that way.  Did you book your day-of appointment with her?  You still have time to find someone else, really.  Go on your local board and ask for recommendations.

    And next time, come prepared - Google, Google, Google!  Print out anything that looks remotely like the style you're considering.  Another option, since you're going for a fairly simple, effortless style, is to ask a friend (if you know one who is good with hair) to re-create the look you're go for.  The bonus there is that you can get a free trial!

    Just hang in there :)
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  • Sorry to hear this. I def think you should find a new hairstylist....and bring pictures of hairstyles you are interested in.
  • That stinks. :-(  I agree with Laura - if you can, try to go on your local board or wedding wire and find someone else.  Don't settle if you don't have to (ie: unles you're locked into a contract already).  You don't want to look back on wedding photos and be disappointed that you settled instead of finding someone else. 

    At the very least, take a look at projectwedding.com or google and find something similar to take to her to give her a concrete idea of what you want.  Send her the pictures and ask her how confident she is that she can give you that exact look for your wedding.

    Did you communicate to her how disappointed you were?  I think that communication is key.  If she doesn't know how disappointed you were, she may not know to change for next time.

    Hang in there.  It'll all work out.

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    Yes, I am locked in... after being pleased with her for my regular hair appointments for a year, I booked her as my day-of stylist, also booked my bridal party's hair appointments for the day along with FMIL's and paid $100 deposit/gift card to use towards the groups cost ( I am paying for all of them)...I did go to project wedding and printed off specific photos of a style....don't know, just a bad day.

    Thank you all for your supportive words, I felt like a big baby....thanks for understanding <3
    September 18, 2010 :o}
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  • Aww sorry to hear that. I really hope you find something that works for you dear
  • that really stinks - but if you're that unhappy with what she did, and already locked in, request another (FREE) trial.  You need to know, ahead of time, that you'll be happy with what she does on your wedding day.  And, regardless of what she suggests, explain to her that you want what you want and you'd appreciate if she'd do as you ask
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  • Ah I'm sorry, that is so frustrating!! I would definitely ask for (or demand) another trial run. You might also be able to talk to the salon owner to see what other options there are to switch stylists for the day-of, maybe one of your girls can have her & you can go to another stylist?
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