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Hola! So II've been trying really hard not to be pushy about people getting their lives together if they want to come to Hawaii but it appears that a majority of people won't see the urgency until they get an invite. (November 27 wedding) So even though its a bit early, FI and I are going to send invites next week (4 months out) due september 1st (3 months out) because really if you haven't made plans by september, there's a good chance you're not making it.

Question: Is 3-4 months too early for Hawaii locals to be getting invites? Should we make a second grouping invite party in another month or two? Normal wedding invites go out like 1-2 months out right? I'm afraid people are going to forget and lose my invitation since it's far out and not on radar for locals? Am I just being a micromanager?
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    8 weeks are about the norm for local invites - but I think it's best to send all the invites out at once.
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    We are going to send our invites out 4 months before our wedding with the RSVP's being due 3 months before the wedding.  We simply have to have numbers for our caterers/chairs/etc., so we through the traditional rules out and are just doing what works for us.  If people don't like it - too bad for them! 

    I think people would prefer to have more notice than less, so I would send them all out at once if I were you. 
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    Ha! I didn't even answer your question. I totally agree with AK - 4 months is fine. The rules weren't created with DWs in mind!
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    We sent ours out 3 months in advance, and I think 3-4 mos. is ok for a DW.  I'd send them all at the same time so ppl don't think you have an A and B list.
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    I got married one day after you last year and I mailed out all my invites around this time and asked for a response date of August 28. Mind you, I was still calling and emailing people asking for their responses as late as October. So I was happy to send them out early because I needed to finalize the budget and, inevitably, you will have to go after the stragglers. 

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    i'm a local and the wedding i'm going to in october is a local wedding too but the invites were sent out i think 3-4 months out...it isn't the norm but I can't say I didn't appreciate it.  It definitely helps no matter what... :) she didn't send out STD's so it did help with announcing her marriage :)

    on the flip side we got an invite maybe a month out...the rsvp was due within a week to two week period...that was a little hard...it would have been better if it was a whole lot earlier :)  

    i think you're fine though.  people will appreciate it and your invite will grace their calendar for a longer period of time :) (that's where the october invite sits) :)
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    I just sent out my Save the Dates...and although it may have been tacky I put RSVP information and that it was due Aug. 1, which is about 5 months from our wedding.  In our case though there are a few people that I didn't send them out to and may be inviting if a few of those people on my list decide not to come.  But unfortunately I think with all weddings you still will have some people not RSVP, but come.  I think if you feel you need to send them out soon to de-stress yourself...do it!  After all, it is your wedding ;)  Good luck!
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