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I really want a Saturday October wedding but it seems everywhere is booked. I found a place I like and they have only Fridays and Sundays available. Nothing good in September or November. Should I really wait until 2012 for a Saturday in October or suck it up and do a Friday wedding? Thoughts?

Re: Friday wedding

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    I would not wait an entire extra year just to have a Saturday wedding.  Mine is in March, and its actually a Sunday.  It ended up working perfectly for a lot of my out of town guests, and it saved me money too.  If that is the venue you know you want, I'd just do it on a Friday or Sunday.  
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    Our wedding is on a Tuesday because the date we wanted just happened to fall on that day.  I don't think the day of the week really matters...the people you love will be there no matter when you hold it!
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    If you have a lot of fun celebrating people they´ll love an extra day to recover before going back to work on Monday. We chose a Friday and beside my mother nobody complained,....yet! ;)
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