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AAA or independent travel agency???

My FI and I are planning a honeymoon next year since we can't afford one this year so we started looking at trips to see how much we need to save. AAA quoted us $4000 for an all inclusive 7 day trip to Montego Bay with round trip tickets etc, but its offering the lowest room and we want to upgrade our room.

Anyway, do you think $4000 for the smallest, cheapest room is alot or should we get quotes from smaller independent agencies? I've heard sometimes that the smaller agencies may give discounts. Any advice?

Re: AAA or independent travel agency???

  • what would it hurt to get prices from other places too?


  • I found that Disney and AAA are wonderful...better deals than anywhere. But, for my honeymoon...I went with an agent that specifically deals with honeymoons and all inclusives. She was full of great info and works with people all over the USA.
    you could email her --
    [email protected]

    We did Sandals and it was wonderful!
  • Thanks Kara! We had went to the Sandals in the Bahamas last year and loved it so we want to go to the Sandals in Montego Bay.
  • check with [email protected]

    She has gotten me GREAT deals~
  • $4000 seems a little high for 7 nights in Montego Bay. We went to Sandals Ochio Rios and the resort + flights from Chicago cost $2500. I don't think the Montego Bay resort was that much more expensive. Try seeing what you can find just on the Sandals website and see if it's cheaper than the travel agent.
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    I would cross-check pricing for sure. Try another TA. We used Nancy from www.myislandgetaways.com for our Sandals St. Lucia and we saved money plus got some great exta perks. She is big with Sandals and helped us out with everything. I also checked out a few local agencies and they did not seem to know that much about the island or the resort. That was really important for us,we would have paid extra for all the advice she gave us but didn't have to. 
  • AAA tends to book their vacations through Travel Impressions which usually has the highest prices of vacation vendors.  I would check around.  Keep in mind also that by booking with an independant agent they are usually willing to work a little bit harder to find the best deal out there.  They work on straight commissions where agents at AAA typically are hourly employees + bonuses here & there.  Look at funjet.com as they usually have really good rates and you can book them through an agent as well.  Agents can match or beat the prices that you can find online, provided you have the right agent ;-)
  • Definately look around. aaa agents are usually not very good at doing vacations outside the US.
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  • It sounds a little on the high side...it never hurts to get some more quotes. We used Nancy from myislandgetaways.com, she was great! We will def. use her again.
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    I am the queen of research and we got our best pricing and all the way service with Nancy from www.myislandgetaways.com
    She was for sure the best vendor we used.
  • We looked at AAA for our honeymoon as well, and they charged us $1700 more than I was quoted when I looked at Pleasant Holidays directly, and her quote did not include the excursions that I was able to book when I did my own quote. Be warned when it comes to AAA, they generally book through a third party travel company and then charge you a markup. If you're willing to put in a little extra work, you can get a good deal researching and booking on your own.

    Good luck!
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