Recommendations for Mani/Pedi??

I never get my nails done. Had them done once for my sister's wedding and am looking to have them done for my wedding in October! What recommendations do you have as far as who to go to in town? NW or central locations are preferable.

Re: Recommendations for Mani/Pedi??

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    If you have your own nails, and don't want to get acrylics or anything stuck to your nails, then ask for the french manicure - it's purely nail polish - clear and clear-pink at the bottom, and for your white nails, white nail polish, or if you want you can just go with clear nail polish :)

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    Josette at Avalon for Hair, Skin, Nails is the best in town!
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    On the East side, Splash Nail Spa.  The owners are Stephanie and Brandon and they are amazing.  I frequent the salon for my pedis and one time while I was in there, there was a bridal party who had brought in their own champagne and were having a great time.

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