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September 2010 Weddings

Ugh. Vent.

So we just got home from vacation, which was wonderful, to find a package was stolen from in front of our apartment.  The building itself is locked, so either someone in our building (of 6 apartments) stole it, or someone that was buzzed in.  I've been annoyed since we moved in that people just let anyone in without using the intercom, but uuurgh.  Anyway, I think it was actually my neighbor's teenage son or one of his friends - they are loud, obnoxious, and disrespectful at all hours of the night.  And the neighbor has been given court summons TWICE for failure to pay rent (it gets posted near the mailboxes for everyone to see).

We put a sign on the front door asking if anyone saw the package, and saying that if they were holding it for us (right) they could just put it back in front of our door.  The neighbor lady across the hall just told us that she did see the package yesterday, and pointed upstairs and said she thinks those neighbors stole it.  And then told FI that the cops were here last night, because the kid and his friends have been throwing DRUGS over their balcony onto the ground, and her autistic son picked some up last night and put them in his mouth before she could stop him.  I guess he's ok, but it was the last straw for her, so she called the cops.

We went to the leasing center earlier to see if maybe the package was delivered there, and the lady got the vibe that we thought someone took it and asked us to keep her updated.  So I plan on updating her, saying that a neighbor definitely saw the package and that we have our suspicions, and I'm really thinking about bringing up the drugs/cops thing.  I mean, between that and the court summons, can't they evict these people???

And not to be petty, but most of what we ordered was clothes on clearance, and now they are no longer available so we can't re-order.  I'm half-tempted to put up a new note saying something like, "We know that the package was here, so someone must have been in the building and taken it.  We don't care who it was, or if it was opened, but we would really like our items returned to us."
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Re: Ugh. Vent.

  • That really sucks! I'm so sorry. I am always scared to have stuff delivered to our house because of the people in our neighborhood. I would post another note - or go directly to your neighbor who you think took it and flat out ask... Tell them that you are asking everyone in the building if they saw anything.
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  • Sorry to hear that, Laura.  I would post a sign or knock on every door.  It's more difficult for people to lie when they're face-to-face (hopefully).
  • We used to live in the city, and stuff got stolen a couple of times.  We were pretty sure it was actually our mailman, though.

    I thought about going door-to-door, actually, but I'm honestly worried that they might be a bit dangerous.  I've heard the mom complain about how the other neighbors are 'in her business' because they called the cops when her kids were having a really loud party.  She has a pretty bad temper.  And the kid seems straight up dangerous, he's not friendly at all and has almost run us down in his car before for no apparent reason other than bad driving.
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  • im so sorry to hear that laura! that is so crazy about those neighbors :( i hope they get whats coming to them!
  • Ugh.  I'm sorry to hear that.  I have started having things shipped to my office, not because of theft but because I had 2 packages misdelivered last month.  Hopefully that's an option for you.

  • I used to have stuff shipped to my old job, but apparently at my new job even that isn't safe - a few co-workers have done it in the past and they have had stuff go missing unless it explicitly needs to be signed for.  I wish there was some way to specify when ordering that I'd prefer signature confirmation, because they will sign for it at the leasing center and it's much safer there, apparently.

    Not that we ever had a problem with packages in front of our door until these negihbors moved in.
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  • laura, i am so sorry, what a pain in the neck!  i would be so pissed.  also, maybe you should move...?  (sarcasm...kind of!)
  • That's awful!  I think I may leave it up to the management to handle.  If your neighbor indicated the other neighbor took it, then let management know and tell them you're afraid to go to them to ask.  Could you possibly move to a new apartment in your complex?  I know that is a royal pain, but maybe it would help? 
    I'm sorry you have to deal with this!  Maybe management only needs 1 more thing and they can evict??!!  I'll keep my fingers crossed!
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  • edited July 2010
    Ugh, I'm so sorry Laur! What a freaking crappy thing to come home to after such a nice vacation. I would keep on management about it - although I don't understand why the delivery guys would put it outside of your door (is is a common area/hallway/lobby indoors or do you have a private entrance?) instead of leaving it with the main office.

    And from this point forward have things shipped to either you or FI's work.. and if that's not an options, your parents. It's too risky.
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  • Do you expect to have wedding presents shipped to your apartment?  Maybe you should ask the neighbor you trust to pick up any packages she sees for you and hold them. 

  • nhelene -

    I've been worrying about wedding presents now.  Usually packages get dropped off at the leasing center, I have no idea why this one got dropped off in front of our door (which is in the foyer, basically, and since we're on the first floor everyone passes by it).  Even if no signature is required, they are usually dropped at the office (for a signature, they must be left there). 

    The delivery guys usually ring our bell, so if we're home we will get it, and if we're not they drop it off at the leasing center.  I think I will post a sign on our door telling the delivery people NOT to leave packages there, EVER, and only drop them at the leasing center if we're not home.
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