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Neon Graveyard

Has anyone booked a photo shoot here? Do you know how much it costs and how long you would need to spend there?

I'm guessing that it would take too much time to include on a 2 hour photo tour?

We'd really like some pictures there, they look amazing! I suppose we could get dressed up again the day after the wedding and do it then.

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    We did engagement pictures there, there is a link to them in my bio.  It's a great site.  I don't know if prices will have changed after the contruction but it was $150 for an hour on weekdays and $200 on weekends.  An hour is pretty much all you need.

    I think with a 2 hour photo tour you would be pushing it, unless you only did the boneyard and fremont street.  I doubt you would be able to get strip photos in as well.

    The museum closed the boneyard for construction at the end of December and I think it was scheduled to be closed about 3 months but I definitely recommend you contact them and ask them about the date you are interested in case their plans have changed.
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    We did our engagment pictures there too!  Just like PP said, it was $150 on a week day for an hour of shoot time.  We really had to hustle, but I thought it was worth it!  We get so many comliments on our pictures!
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    Here was the reply I got a couple weeks ago.

    "We are going to be under construction through the end of April. Due to
    the uncertainty of construction, I won't be able to book shoots until
    about 2-3 weeks prior to your requested date."

    I have Todd and he said that 2 hours was not enough so I booked him for 3.  It will be going back to 2 if I can't get into the boneyard.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll speak to Todd and see if he's available for the day after the wedding. I didn't think there would be enough time on the photo tour.
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