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Flowers for Parent's Significant Others?

My FI's father isn't remarried, but has been dating someone for 2 years now.
My FI's mother isn't remarried, but has been dating someone for 3 years now.

Do the significant others get corsages/boutineere's?
They aren't married. They aren't having a part in the wedding. They aren't helping to pay for anything. But they will be some pictures.

Re: Flowers for Parent's Significant Others?

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    Why wouldn't you?  It's not like it's a huge expense.  
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  • I'd add a smaller bout/corsage than what the mothers / fathers get.  It would be a very nice gesture. 
  • Sure, why not?
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  • I'm in the same situation as you and I actually don't think it is necessary. Are they the kind of people who will get offended if they are not included on the invitations or programs? If so, you should do it. If they realize that they are NOT your parents, did not help raise you, and therefore don't need to go on any of the paper, I would say it is your choice.
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