Wedding Woes

::looks around::

Did everyone take lunch at the same time or something?

Re: ::looks around::

  • Meh.  I'm seriously not motivated lately.  AT ALL.  I need to get to a'packing but it's just not interesting.  LAME.
  • I just got back from taking DD to preschool and watching their costume parade - then I had a romantic lunch at Taco Bell with my husband.
    The kids were adorable.   I have to admit, my kid is the cutest in the whole school, and it's quite obvious she is the smartest and the prettiest, too.   ALSO, she had the best costume. 
  • I've had a romantical date over Taco Bell in my day too.
  • We had the costume parade today too.  M2 decided not to nap so I had to actually play with her while trying to make lasagna roll ups.  So much for finishing laundry.
  • I'm beginning to feel like crap.  I hope it's jsut the weather (pressure systems) and not a miserable cold.  But I'm gussing miserable cold.
  • work has been insane and i took my car for an oil change at lunch (and was gone almost 3 hours)
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