Curtis Knight Entertainment is a MUST

You know how "they" say -- your DJ is the heart of your event??  If you get a great DJ, you're sure to have a spectacular event?? 

The following is my thank you note to Curtis Knight, the mastermind in charge at Curtis Knight Entertainment in Billerica, MA  --

Hello Curtis... 
We're back from our honeymoon, recovering from jet lag & trying to settle back into reality of "the rest of our lives" !!   We cannot thank you, John and Sandra enough for an event well done...   we continue to receive compliment after compliment about how much fun our wedding was.  If the guests are just saying that to be nice, then they wouldn't be repeating themselves over and over again.... they also wouldn't be spreading the word: --> Steve and I bumped in to our photographer's dad at the local diner yesterday & even he mentioned that his son thought our wedding was one of the best he's ever been to. 
The word is out.  Our wedding was incredibly fun & it's largely thanks to John & Sandra Maurodas and their masterful ability to read our crowd and provide nothing but flawless, spot-on, ambiance for each phase of our celebration.
Steve and I are ever grateful to them and to your company..   from the very start with my visit to your office in Billerica where Aunt Alma was thrilled to join you in breakfast...  to using the invaluable planner provided to us on line.  There were so many times that a thought or a song would come fleeting into my head - and, instead of forgetting to call you or email and losing the thought, I'd simply log on to my planner and write it out!  Done!  Didn't have to think about it again.   
The planner was our directory, guideline to what would happen every step of our day ahead... Throughout our engagement, Steve & I would log on, talk about the wedding together and make decisions when we were ready to - day or night, weekday or weekend.... ....if we didn't have the answer at that moment, we could log out & re-group whenever.  Because of that flexibility, we requested all the songs we wanted, we planned all the details we wanted..   neither one of us has said... "Gee, I wish we played this song"  or "Bummer, I forgot to request that"   ---
We had such a fun time using the planner too - we discussed, we laughed, we dreamed about what our wedding day would be like..  and *poof*  your company put it all together and made it happen
Now, we have even more fun talking and laughing and remembering what a great time it was.  Now that we're back from the honeymoon, we're immensely enjoying the comments, compliments and raves of our guests....  we're high-fiving all over the place!! 
I know that your goal is to please every bride and groom, every graduate, every guest-of-honor of events that you guys host..  and I must say that you well exceeded our expectations...  Our event was wonderful -  a dream-come-true..  and we are forever thankful to you guys for providing us with that ever-delicate atmosphere...  John & Sandra moved with the crowd..  inspired everyone to let go, enjoy and have an outstanding time at our wedding. 
With much gratitude - Margaret & Stephen

Re: Curtis Knight Entertainment is a MUST

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    That is such a nice review. We also met with Curtis and really liked him as well. We did go with another company do to a better package but they seemed really great for the dj part if you just wanted that aspect.
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    Sounds like they did a great job! What other vendors did you work with?
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    I hired Greg from Curtis Knight Entertainment.  I like how we can plan out every detail online before hand.  It's nice to know that if something happens (he gets sick or something), another DJ fill in for him and they'll know exactly what to do.  I'll be sure to post a review after our November wedding!

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    We're getting married in November and using Curtis and Anna for their DJ services and for the videography as well.  We LOVE them already.  I am so looking forward to working with them.  We will absolutely post a review, but I am not anticipating any problem, they're the best.
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    Our main venue was the Colonial Hotel in Garnder, MA..  another group of people who made everything happen with ease..   Mary - the Wedding Coordinator there is free & breezy - a get-it-done kind of person..  she works SO HARD and all you have to do is enjoy yourself.  Steve & I were guided through the whole day..  didn't lift a finger, didn't worry one little bit.. 

    Our Flowers were done by This Bloomin' Place in Athol..  beautiful & just exactly what I asked for..

    Our cake was from the Bean Counter in Shrewsbury/Worcester..   DELICIOUS.  Can't wait to go back and get our one year anniversary cake!   Yummmm..  flawless.. 

    Such a wonderful time in our lives..  we really have NO REGRETS!  That's unheard of!  No shoulda coulda woulda s!!

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