Inviting Family

I want a small, nice, wedding. I would like to invite cousins and aunt, uncles that I'm close with, but some family i haven't talked to for aleast 5+ more years, How do I not offend people.Also this second marriage, and I'm think about sending out an annocument, that offers from them to come, but i wouldn't be hurt if they didn't. Also I think some will decline, because there will be no-liquior, no children over 12.
 Also i'm on a limited budget, should I try to get childcare, or have people figure it out on their own.

So should i invite all family and hope they decline because of the reason i stated, or just invite the one i want to come?

Re: Inviting Family

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    I would just invite who you want to come. Just say, I am sorry but due to limited space/budget, we are not having a big wedding. We are just keeping it to close friends and immediate family. 

    I would also let people figure out child care on their own. 
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