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Is this tacky? HONESTLY....

I am planning a backyard reception, and I thought it would be fun to have games out like croquet, possibly bocci ball. "Classy" yard games that wont make guests dirty. Plus, I know that not everyone enjoys dancing, and those people usually end up bored at weddings. I got the idea from The Knot; it's not something I thought of entirely on my own. But my mom thinks it is super tacky. This isn't really an "it's my wedding so I should do what I want" issue. I don't want to be tacky, but I know my ideas can be a bit out there at times. Have any of you ladies done this? How did your guests react? Would you think it was tacky?

Re: Is this tacky? HONESTLY....

  • I was at an outdoor wedding recently that had games.... cornhole, horseshoes, croquet.  It was awesome!  Especially when it's still daylight and people don't feel like (aka aren't drunk enough to) dancing.  Your mom should chill.
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