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April 2012 Weddings

storing a dress

Hey ladies, tips for storing wedding dresses until the big day? Mine came in a whopping 4 months early LOL

Re: storing a dress

  • mdphdmdphd member
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    I got my dress at a sample sale, so I've had it since October.

    I was told to keep it in 2 garment bags (one is clear, one is opaque, but to leave the very tops of the bags open for airflow.  It seems to be holding up fine like that.
  • I dont have to store my dress as the bridal salon will keep it till the wedding day for me so you might ask the store you bought it from if they do dress storage. Also ive heard what mdphd said about keeping the top of the bag open so that it has air. Ive also heard dont store it where sunlight hits it directly to avoid fading. Also ive seen brides laying it under a bed (if you dont have pets) so that it doesnt hang the whole time. I guess the weight of a wedding dress can cause it to stretch over time. HTH
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  • We purchased a high quality garment bag from my tailor that is meant for dresses.  It allows airflow but not moisture/browning agents.  I love it ;D (Granted it was $50 but I will get good use out of it with a year to go
  • The salon where I bought my dress gave me a fabric garment bag which I've been storing my gown in since August.  It seems to be holding up fine except it will need to be freshened up and pressed when the time comes!  I've been hanging it by the little loops under the arms to prevent stretching.

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  • thanks ladies! i got a fabric garment bag from the salon and also hung it by the fabric loops to avoid stretching. i hadn't considered laying it flat...the store doesn't store them there, but right now i'm hoping my closet will be a safe place since it definitely won't get any sun
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