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Wedding Florist on a TIGHT Budget

I need some help!  I'm planning my wedding on a very tight budget and need some help finding an affordable florist.  All I need are my personal flowers: bridal bouquet (simple & round--not cascading), 3 small bridesmaid bouquets, 5 boutonnieres, and 2 mother's corsages...a toss bouquet would be awesome, too.  I'd like the flowers to be dark purple and white and I'm hoping to spend less than around $300.  I know nothing about flowers.  Is that even doable?

I live in San Jose, so any recommendations around my area?

Re: Wedding Florist on a TIGHT Budget

  • Aimee8314Aimee8314 member
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    I would try a grocery store.  I was recommended this option by someone on the boards - I ended up finding another florist before I went that way - but it's a good option.  If you're thinking about doing them yourself, you can order from like a Sam's Club or Costco - they do bulk flowers and even packages.  That might be an option.

    Good luck!
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    Costco? They do wedding flowers
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    I usually recommend Safeway. They do bouquets etc. We used them to order the flowers for our DIY centerpieces at a pretty reasonable cost.
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    im going with mystic garden in SF. winnie (the owner) is great and she'll make it work with your budget. check her out. :)
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    Ok, I got this quote from Trinity Blooms in Hayward for pick-up only:

    Bridal bouquet: $110 using purple and white roses, calla lily and fillers.  
    1 MOH & 2 bridesmaid bouquets: $35 each with purple hydrangea and white lisianthus
    5 boutonnieres: $10 each with either white rose or purple rose with filler 
    2 coursages: $10 each with either white rose or purple rose with filler and ribbon
    1 toss bouquet: $35 similar to the bridemaid  
    Total = $320

    My gut instict is telling me this is a pretty great deal considering another florist quoted me $500 using carnations only. Granted, I don't know much about flowers, but I'm almost certain carnations are pretty cheap. 

    Do you think this is a great deal?
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    I think that sounds like a good deal.  Did you see pictures of that florists' previous work?  I would be always a little hesitant when there is such an obvious gap that maybe it is "too good to be true", but if you have seen her work and you like it, I would say go for it.
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    I've seen her other work (more expensive budgets than mine obviously) and they look amazing.  I'm definitely going to have an in-person consultation with the gal first!
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    I found a great florist in San Jose during a visit to the Modern Bridal Fair, the best part is that she caterers to brides on a budget.  Her name is Annie @ Pixie Florist www.pixiefloral.com. Annie does awesome work.
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    I think we are getting my flowers from the nearby Safeway. After looking at florists in the area we decided just to go see how much and it turns out that it is way cheaper. Plus, the lady has connections with a nearby florist as well so we get an even better deal. I would rec to just go and check. HTH!
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  • Seestar01Seestar01 member
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    Try Raleys grocery store.  They usually have wedding packages and their flowers are awesome.  I used them for a party I planned and I was very impressed.  Their cost per stem when you buy in bulk was cheaper than Costco.
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