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Since TK sucks and I cannot just bump my old post *Tarra*

I am doing a trial run today on some pillow cases (that are the same material as the sheets I am using for my shower curtains.)  I ended up getting GAC-900 because it was the only textile medium I could find.

Tomorrow is my kid-free day, so I want to attack the large project then.  I figured that a trial run would be a good idea because I would be irrationally pissed if I spent the time and effort for a big giant failure. 

Wish me luck! 
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Re: Since TK sucks and I cannot just bump my old post *Tarra*

  • So far, so good.  It doesn't look stiff or vinyl-ly.  It feels kind of a little rough/like it is painted.  I am heat setting it right now.  Then, I will wash and dry to see how it all holds up.

    I have realized that I need to use a better brush to apply tomorrow.  I couldn't find where DH put my foam brushes, so I used this little foam roller.  I'm thinking that the foam brushes will give me better coverage. 

    I also need to make sure that I do it on a completely flat surface, which I had already planned on doing.  I put cardboard between the two sides of the pillow case and it caused some lines. 

    During G's nap, I even had time to prep dinner, make a triple batch of cottage cheese pancakes for the freezer and 2 freezer bags of apple pie pork chops.  We will not go hungry after I give birth.  LMAO. 

    What projects are you doing? 
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  • Ask and ye shall receive!

    It is really easy to prep and then, it goes in the crock pot.  Plus if you get a good deal on pork, it is very inexpensive.  (I snagged a ton of pork on sale this past week, so I've been stocking up on pork recipes.)

    Apple Pie Pork Chops

    I also highly recommend the cottage cheese pancakes.  I first made them to get G to eat more protein for breakfast, but DH and I ate most of that batch.  Haha.  I triple the batch because they freeze really well.  Then, I just need to pop them in the toaster oven and breakfast is ready. 

    BONUS:  The GAC-900 is magic.  I washed my pillow case on hot WITH bleach to see if I'd be able to bleach my shower curtains.  (I like to be able to bleach most stuff in the bathroom at least once a month, if not every week.)  I think they will hang very well.  It is softer after washing and drying. 
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  • Thanks Mutley I know what I'm making for Sunday dinner.  :)
  • I do use a smidge less sugar.  One time I substituted nutmeg for the cloves because I didn't know I was out.  I also use granny smith apples because that is all I buy. 

    Sidenote: Tarra, you are killing me on Pinterest.  <3 

    Sidenote 2:  Do you have a cricut or silhouette?  I am drooling over the silhouette.  It would make my over-the-top-party-ness so much easier.  Haha.  Plus I can only think of 100000s of fun projects around the house. 
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  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    I'm allergic to pork... I wonder if that recipe could be done with chicken or turkey.

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