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Yes another STD/invite...

I appreciate the input I've gotten on this board so far. I will respond to the other post pretty soon, but I have another one I should have grouped with the other one, but hadn't thought of it yet at the time of my previous posting. 

I obviously have little natural etiquette. But this will hopefully be my last STD post, so I'll group two questions and call it a day on the whole STD dilemma. 

1. I'm having a destination (Vegas) wedding at the end of July. We just decided this about a month ago and still haven't secured a venue, but it has to happen due to some other factors at the end of July. I'd like to get my STDs out within 2 weeks. Is it a terrible faux pas that they are going out 5.5 months before the wedding?

2. I have an aunt who I'd like to send a STD & invite to, as she's always "been there" for me (e.g., remembered every birthday and Christmas and graduation throughout my life). Her daughter, my cousin, lives with her - always has and always will. My cousin has never spoken to me. She doesn't even look at me when I'm in the same room as her the few times per decade I go to my aunts house. I am not exaggerating. I know it's weird, but it is what it is. She has never interacted with me on any level, verbally or nonverbally, and she could seriously care less if I dropped dead tomorrow. I don't want to send my cousin and her husband a STD or invite. Can I just send one to my aunt? 

Re: Yes another STD/invite...

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    1.  No, that's fine.  Get them out as soon as possible so people can make travel arrangments.

    2.  How old is your cousin?  Is she a child/minor?  If so, are other family children being invited?  If they are, I'd probably suck it up and invite her.  If she's an adult, however, I wouldn't invite the cousin, but be very specific about addressing the STD and invitation to just your aunt and her SO if applicable.  ETA:  just read your cousin has a husband so is must likely an adult :)  You don't have to invite her.
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  • 1. That's fine. I just send mine out yesterday for a July 13th wedding- 5.5 months too.

    2. Wait, what? Holy weirdness. So you guys just act as if the other isn't existing in the roon? For some reason, this interests me. Anyway, you don't have to invite her. Just address the STD & invite to your aunt. Be ready to explain that it's only intended for your aunt though, just in case she responds that she is bringing her daughter. But, I would *think your aunt and cousin would know she's not invited given the nature your relationship.

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    In Response to Re: Yes another STD/invite...:
    [QUOTE] Wait, what? Holy weirdness. So you guys just act as if the other isn't existing in the roon? For some reason, this interests me. 
    Posted by mbody[/QUOTE]

    Lol, yes, it pretty much is like that exactly. I remember she sneered at me once when I was about 10 after I asked her who Duran Duran was. That was the last time we talked. I don't know what her deal is or why she's never spoken to me. Her parents were severe alcoholics so maybe she just ended up really messed up; she's not autistic or anything so I know that's not it. lol. crazy family. 
  • Thanks for the responses everyone, I won't address the STD to her. 
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