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Bahamas Cruise Question

We are planning on going on a 3-4 night cruise to the Bahamas. My questions is: Royal Caribbean or Carnival? Pros and cons of each? I have never been on a cruise so I have no idea which is better. Royal Caribbean is slightly more expensive. Does that mean it's better?

Re: Bahamas Cruise Question

  • I've never been on Carnival but know people who have and who have loved it.  It sometimes has the reputation of being more of a party ship.  I've cruised Royal a few times and am partial to it.  In May we were on the smallest ship in Royal's fleet and it was still bigger than other Carnival ships that were docked in port next to us.  Royal is super fun and there's lots of things to do on board and the food is really yummy.
  • i'VE BEEN on both Carnival and Royal, and my entire family likes Carnival best.   HOWEVER, it depends on what you are looking for in a cruise.  Carnival is packed full of activities from 6am until after midnight, so there's always stuff to do.  People complain about having a set dinner time-there are now shiips that you can do your time dine.  We did that on our last cruise with Carnival and it was fantastic.  There is also a fine dining restaurant aboard each ship.  With Royal C it was a more relaxed atmosphere, with not nearly the amount of acitivities.  SO if you are just looking for chilling, that might be best.

    One other side note-I have a very clausterphonic mother and the rooms on Carnival are 30% larger then on Royal C-something to think about. 

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  • I've been on both, and my gut would say to go with the ship that is bigger/newer.  Royal tends to be a little "classier" than Carnival, but in my opinion, a new, big Carnival ship is better than a small, old Royal ship.
  • I've been on both, and I would vote Royal Caribbean hands down! Everything about RC was superior to Carnival.. the rooms, the decor, the food, the onboard activities, the other guests (not nearly as many kids), the staff, the onboard entertainment, and overall care for their guests. I had a lot of fun on Carnival as well, but it was my first cruise so I thought everything was amazing, but everyone kept telling me "Wait til you go on a Royal Caribbean cruise!" They were right! Would I go on Carnival again? Sure.. but I definitely prefer RC. HTH!
  • I have done RC and never carnival and we are going carnival this time because we are liking the fact that the route we are taking has the down time at sea after the 4 days at land...kind of nice because I know we will be worn our from being so adventurous.

    The RC ship I took to the bahamas was nice..it was VERY relaxing but there were still things to do on board..we went to the club, tried out the spa and shopping and such but it was a bit smaller then the other ships docked at the bahamas...With a 3 day cruise you really aren't going to be doing a TON on board anyway so a smaller ship is just fine...so I think comapre the ships and the prices and figure out what youd rather have.

    In this case going to Mexico RC was about a thousand more and it only had two more things that our carnival did not offer..so 1000 wasnt worth it to me..so we decided Carnival..I think any cruise is fun really...I have family that cruise every year on various lines and they continue to go to different ones. They just go for the best prices and say they are all fun! So do what works best for you!
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