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Bachelor party woes

Just found out that FI is planning on not coming home after his bachelor party (plans on staying with brother).  I have to admit that I am bothered by him not coming/being home for 24+ hours even though I trust him.

Any insights or similar stories to share?  I'm at a loss here.  Thanks.

Re: Bachelor party woes

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    i understand your concern about him not mentioning it not that he will be gone for 24 hours. could it be that he wasnt in on the planning and hadnt thought all the details through yet, or didnt know them entirely? maybe he just assumed you were ok with him going out drinking and it was logical that he would stay with his brother. guys think differently or dont think at all about the things that upset us so i wouldnt get too upset.
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    It's just a night. And if they're out partying and drinking, as long as they end up at the brother's hosue safely it's not a big deal that he's over there instead of home. It's not like he's staying at some random girl's house, right?

    Maybe he didn't know they would be out all night in the beginning, maybe his brother changed the plans. Who knows. If you truly trust him, then him staying at the brother's shouldn't be an issue.
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    I told DH not to come home the night of his bachelor party.  I said that since my brother was taking him out to get wasted, then my brother could take care of him that night.  :)

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    Is this about what the party might entail? Are you worried about strippers or something? Or is there another issue that you're not disclosing?

    Since you never really clarified, I'm just going to go with the stripper thing for the time being, as that's the typical concern. My personal take on strippers at bach parties is: if a guy really loves you and really wants to marry you, he's not going to f*ck it up at his bach party. He's just not. No amount of imaginary peer pressure from his buddies in front of a mostly naked chick is going to change that. So if you really trust him, trust him.

    If a guy does cheat at his bach party it's no different than any other time a guy cheats. It's not suddenly his friends' fault, it's not alcohol's fault, it's not the stripper's fault, it's still 100% his fault. And honestly, if a guy has it in him to do that, then you could keep him away from strippers his entire life, that's not going to change the fact that he's got it in him to do that (And that eventually an attractive coworker or pretty neighbor or something is going to come along and force you to deal with it).

    If your apprehension is not about strippers, then please come back and explain what exactly the problem is here so we all might be able to give you the advice you need.

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