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November 2011 Weddings

When are you buying your dress for your 11/11/11 wedding?

I have no clue when to go shopping for it. My mother & sisters want to go looking now but when I was in a bridal store (picking out a dress for a 9/18/10 wedding I'm in) the lady said I should go looking in March. I just don't know.

Re: When are you buying your dress for your 11/11/11 wedding?

  • HaylaCHaylaC member
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    my weddings not 11/11 its 26/11. im planning on booking appointments for 8th october and im looking at some dresses at a wedding fayre in september.  One of the main reasons is that these are the weekends my mum is visiting (she lives the other end of the country) but i would have still planned to start looking in october regardless.

    it will depend on what you want though, if its something that may need making up or adjusting etc you'll need longer (say 12-9 months) however i know someone who left it 2 weeks before their wedding, just went in and picked a dress off the rail that fitted!
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  • My wedding is 11/11 I just got my wedding dress a few weeks ago but I've been engaged for a year now. Start looking now. It's never too early to look. What if the dress that should be yours is gone by March?

    I started looking the week after I was engaged. It has been a process but once I found it I knew it. You really do have that moment. Not to mention if you find the dress early you have plenty of time to gather up the funds to pay for it.

    My advice to you is start now and make sure you have fun with it!
  • I ordered my dress last week!!!
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  • HaylaCHaylaC member
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    In Response to Re: When are you buying your dress for your 11/11/11 wedding?:
    [QUOTE]I ordered my dress last week!!!
    Posted by brooklyngurl81[/QUOTE]

    fab.  do you have some pics?
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  • I dont have a personal pic of myself but here is the dress from the website.  I got it at davids bridal. It's a beaded lace side with satin split front, sweetheart neckline, corset back (don't know if I spelled that right).

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  • I found my dress last weekend, but I am not buying it til Jan. I agree with Nicoley, go now you don't want to wait and miss the dress of your dreams.
  • I am getting married on 11/11 too.  I have been looking at styles but thats about it.  I am going to hopefully purchase my dress on the weekend of 10/29.  My Best friend just got married and she purchased her gown through Brides Against Breast Cancer.  They have amazing dresses at great prices.  Also the money goes towards breast cancer which I donate to every year and you can write it off at taxes whats better than that! 
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  • i ordered my dress about a month ago and i'm getting married on 11/11/11. i don't think it's too early to go look. it might take longer for you to find one you love so you might want the extra time. i knew exactly the dress i wanted and i went early anyway! good luck!
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  • I'm dress hunting but would like to buy by Feb/March!  I found a few yesterday and once I buy I'll post pics!  :)
  • I am getting married 11/19/11... I am going shopping in 2 weeks! I don't know if I will necessarily buy though.
  • Thanks everyone for your input. We're going shopping 11/6/10 -yeah.
  • i just bought mine a week or so ago!!! They said 6 months just to get it in and then i'm having all kinds of stuff added to mine!! This is cool that there are already 11/11/11er's out there!Laughing
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  • I am getting married on 11/11/11 and I have not bought my dress yet. I have found one I really like, but the timing is just not right for me! I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I wanted to lose a little bit of weight before purchasing my dress, but since the docs have me on steroids, its literally impossible to lose any kind of weight! I am hoping to buy my dream dress in January! Good luck to all you other November '11 brides!!!
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  • I'm an 11/11/11'er too! I got engaged on 6/4 and my dress is already upstairs in the closet!!! LOL...no time wasted here. I say start looking and trying on now...what can it hurt?! It will be a fun time for all...shopping and trying things on...I just wish I was having an easy time with BM dresses and colors! Good Luck!!
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  • I'm not an 11/11'er, but 11/05/11. I actually want shopping/trying on dressess 8 days after I got engaged. I purchased it the following day. I couldn't wait. I fell in love with the dress and it was on sale (only way to fit it in my budget). Sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling when it comes to your dress.
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    Luckily, one of my bridesmaids is an excellent seamstress and will be making my dress for me. As such, we've already started the mockup and will probably work on the finished version either during college breaks or after we graduate in May '11.
  • I'm 11.11.11 too.  I've looked online and went trying on dresses once.  As far as my dress, I'm still thinking about it.  As far as my colors and bridesmaid dresses, those are all picked out.

    For those who want to know, I am going with black, white, and red (apple red from David's Bridal).

  • i'm an 11/11/11er with a black, white, and red color scheme also (great choice, btw!).  i bought my dress from alfred angelo last weekend!  it's not too early at all. 
  • Wow, I feel like I am behind schedule a little.... I am getting married 11-5-11.  I have looked online but haven't went to any stores.  I figured waiting until May or June next year would be plenty of time.  Am I cutting this too close??? 

  • I'm an 11/13/11 bride and haven't tried any on yet but really am getting anxious to!  I've been engaged since August 2009.  I plan to start hitting up stores within the next couple of months to try on styles I have seen in magazines/online.  The Brides Against Breast Cancer is also coming to my town this weekend.  My future parents in law will be here though, so not sure if I'll have time to go or not.  I'm sure going to try.  I've heard great things about awesome deals on dresses!

    @rebluvschris ;  I would not wait until the middle of next year to get your dress, that's pretty close.  I would say purchase no later than April-ish.  They will likely order your dress, which takes up to 6 months, then you'll likely need several alterations/fittings.  Wedding dresses aren't bought the same way as normal clothing.
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