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does anyone else hate their dress?

I guess hate is a strong word, but I'm not sure how I feel about mine. 

I went to David's Bridal with a friend just to see what it was like, with no intention of walking out of the store with a dress that day. 

However, when my friend and I started trying them on (she's getting married, too), the second dress I tried on was not bad at all. 

The ladies complimented me, other customers in the store commented positively, and my friend seemed to love it.

I bought it. It was $500 and there are no returns. 

Before that, I had been eyeballing a Maggie Sottero dress, as well as another one I had found online. I was in love with them both. Now when I see my dress side by side to the previous two, I feel disappointment. 

I have showed pictures of me in the dress to closest friends and family, and they just say it's pretty. 

I guess I'm letting it all get to me too much, possibly being overdramatic, but I craved that "OH MY GOOOOD, it's PERFECT!!!," expression, not just "pretty."

It is, after all, my wedding day. I only do this once (hopefully), so I feel sort of heartbroken that I didn't search a little longer. 

I feel now that I succumbed to pressure from pushy sales women and didn't really play the field enough.

The dress IS beautiful, it is, but I'm struggling to feel like it's the dress when I see the pictures. 

Any of you girls have any words of support or advice?
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Re: does anyone else hate their dress?

  • WOW! Going thru the same issue. I originally was supposed to do destination so my flowy chiffon dress would have been perfect.. but now after trying on different silhouettes, I am really seeing my dress is not THE dress! I actually just made an appointment today with the seamstress to see if she could change the skirt.

    I know exactly how you feel, my wedding is so precious to me and I actually showed my fiance a picture of the dress on a model and he said it was his least favorite of all the dresses I've shown him :( , I was heartbroken..

  • Oh no!! I'm so sorry!! Where was your destination wedding supposed to be?

    I really hope your seamstress can make it what you want! I'm sure it's a beautiful dress, but I know how much it sucks when you don't feel like it's as beautiful as it could/should be. 

    I'm scared to death to try on any new dresses, in fear that my disappointment will grow. I can't take this one back, and I can't afford a new one, so I really have no choice. 

    I got really close to showing pictures to my fiancée, but he assured me he would think I was beautiful no matter what. I wish I could accept that for myself.
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  • My destination wedding was supposed to be in Cancun, Mexico & I showed him out of curiousity and he shook his head and pointed to another dress he liked! LOL! I was like, "wow!" the dress is beautifuulllll especially the BODICE but the skirt is.. BLAH! I really want trumpet/mermaid style!

    I feel you about the not being able to afford another one and these bridal stores have very strict no return policies (I think they are for this exact reason lol, honestly) but.. idk, I will see this Tuesday! I'm excited about my appointment because I really don't want to buy a new one and I'm only 5.5 months out!
  • Well good luck!! I hope she can make it exactly what you want!

    It's too bad he didn't like the picture, haha, but then again, so many of the dresses don't look the same ON you as they do in pictures. My dress is on the DB website, and it looks terrible compared to how it looks in person. 

    Here's to hoping we get to the wedding day and they love us in our dresses, anyway. Everyone I've talked to has said it's not about the dress, it's about the meaning of the day, and that's true, but so hard to remember right now lol. 

    One girl also mentioned just putting it AWAY and not looking at it again til a week before the wedding so it will be new and exciting again. I think I'm just going to do that.
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  • Great idea!! AFTER I get my alterations lol
  • I got my  dress shortly after getting engaged, at David's Bridal. A few months later I took it out of the dress coat coverbag, and found I despised it (and it didn't fit). David's was kind enough to let me exchange it (no alternations or anything done on it). The only catch is that the total purchase must be of equal or greater value. Now I found a dress that is gorgeous, and I can sit in it :D I would call the shop and see if they can do exchanges, they might be annoyed but I'm certain they'll let you do it. They did it for me :)
  • do you have a picture? maybe you just need a fresh perspective!
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  • Anyway you could get a second dress off the rack and sell your DB dress?
  • What exactly do you not like about the dress? I think it looks fabulous on you. If you're having second thoughts, why don't you just see if exchanging is remotely possible?
  • Very simple and elegant

  • and this is my dress I HATE! lol!
  • I can't pinpoint what i dislike. I think I'm crazy lol. 

    I just know that, and this will sound ridiculous, but i know that when I found my prom dress my senior year of high school, i had that "feeling."

    i looked at myself in the mirror and just felt amazing, and the girls i was with were like, "thaaaaat dresssss." 

    i guess i was looking for that same reaction from not only others, but myself, and i didn't. 

    thank you for the encouragement, though. i'm in recovery from a serious illness and haven't always felt the best, so that may be part of it. 

    and i love that dress! the bodice is gorgeous. do you want a shorter skirt?
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  • If you like each others dresses you could swap, or look on ebay or sell the ones you have and buy new.
  • I bought a "final sale" dress from DB and although it was ruined in their alteration dept, they were willing to trade the dress(for equal or greater value ), and i ended up just getting a full refund on all costs i paid. Have you asked them if you can exchange? There was a girl who posted awhile ago the said DB let her exchange, she picked a less expensive dress and got shoes or a sash something else. Worth a try! Good luck!

  • I felt the exact same way about the dress that I bought at David's!  They were kind enough to let me come in and try on more dresses, and I did find a gown that I loved that I could exchange it for.  If I hadn't found another dress there, I had been planning to try to sell the dress online.  I think that you should at least make an appointment at David's to see if you find anything that you love, because that way you wouldn't lose any money.  You may not have enough time to order a designer dress, but maybe there is one online that someone else is trying to sell!

    If you really don't love your dress, that feeling is probably just going to grow.  At least, that is how I felt.  My fiancee said everything that you mentioned- that I would be beautiful no matter what and that he was sure that the dress was fine.  But I wanted to feel beautiful and perfect on my big day, and I was so disappointed that I was not excited about my dress.  I was so relieved and excited when I was able to find my new dress and exchange my previous dress.  I hope that you are able to work this out- good luck!  Keep us posted!  
  • my dress is from, and hasnt come in yet (May 11th is estimated date!!!) and i amd having a DW. i keep looking at other dresses, and sometimes, i feel like ive fallen in love with another!!!! but then, i look at the one i ordered, and remember, its the classic look of it, and the coverage (i have larger boobs) and the flowiness, and how im sure that 20 years from now, i wont regret it because it is so timeless and classic looking. of course, i havent tried it on yet, but i know my body pretty well, and know what features flatter it... 

    as long as my dress looks fabulous on, i know i wont regret it in the future, even though right now i keep looking at others and wishing i would have shopped more. i hope you find something that you are just as fond of. i think you look great in that dress, but sometimes, its more about letting you shine through! what are your wedding colors? maybe you can brighten it up some! bright shoes are always great, funky hair pieces too! 

    a suggestion is if you cannot take it back, if you can scrape up a bit of cash, check out, lots of cheap dresses, maybe you can find a cheap dress for reception? just give it adequate time to arrive, at least a month! 
  • I bought a dress at DB last October, went thru same "i'm not sure this is the dress for me" woes. They let me exchange it for same value or more. I then won a wedding dress a few months ago. With tags still on it, and no alterations, they let me turn it in for store credit. I used it to buy going away dress, purse, shoes etc.

    For second return I did have to call customer service and get approval, since was over 6 months. I have found with DB you can't get snappy. Smile and declare how wonderful they are for being so understanding etc. You know the old saying. You attract more flies with sugar, than vinegar, lol

    Good Luck
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    I think the dress looks great on your body.  Very flattering.  The only thing I'm not wild about is the bottom.  It doesn't just come straight down, it comes in.  I think you could DRASTICALLY change the look of that dress with a thin crinoline that would make the bottom flare a bit out instead of in.  It may make all the difference in the world.

    I also think a different coloured sash with either some bling or a lovely organza flower would really make a beautiful statement.
  • I think your dress is beautiful. I think with the right accessories, with your hair and makeup done, you'll really feel like a bride and you won't regret it.

    I didn't have the 'OHMIGODTHISISTHEMOSTAMAZINGDRESSINTHEWORLD' moment with mine either, but it flatters my figure (as does yours) and I think that it looks better on me than the model (which it sounds like yours does too) so I'd say it's a winner!

    My dress is fairly plain, but I'm dressing it up with a sash, birdcage veil, and accessories and I can't wait to see the whole package together. I don't think I'll have my real "bride" moment until the day of when I see it all come together.

    Some girls just don't have that and it's OK.

    All I would say is, unless you can return yours, stop looking! You were happy with it once, you'll be happy again. I still look at dresses but not as something that I shouldacouldawoulda gotten, but rather as beautiful gowns that I like to look at. Mine is perfect for me, and while there may be another that could have been 'more' perfect, I'm confident with my choice... and you should be too- it's lovely!
  • I think the dress looks beautiful on you! However, I definitely understand the way you feel. I bought a Maggie Sottero dress right after I got engaged, and at the time it just felt right because my mom, my sister, and my best friend was there and we were all super emotional. A couple of months later, I realized that I rushed into getting the dress and it really wasn't fact I realized I didn't like it much at all! So, I got a new dress that I absolutely love and I couldn't be happier. I felt really bad about getting a second dress because I am NOT the type to spend a lot of money on anything; however, this is your one wedding day and you should feel beautiful, happy, and confident! I think you should do whatever makes you happy, and if you aren't happy with the dress you have, if you don't feel like it's THE dress, then go out and find it :) 

    By the way, which Maggie are you looking at? Maybe I can help you out! 
  • Go with what you love. I would try and sells the Davids dress and buy the Maggie one. IMO, I would not regret spending the extra money to feel amazing on my wedding day. Even if you only get 1/2 for the davids dress, I think you will be pleased.

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  • If you are really unhappy with your dress, I would try to exchange it.  If they won't let you do that, you could always try to sell it and then purchase a new one.  You won't get back the full price you paid on it, but it might be worth it to have a dress you love.

    I think the dress you bought is beautiful though.  I actually tried that one on too, but it didn't fit the feel of my wedding, so I went with a different one from DB.  I smile just thinking about it and I can't wait to wear it...I think everyone should have that feeling about their dress, so I certainly hope everything works out for you.
  • If you really aren't feelin the dress and have the money and time to look into one of the other two, you should.  Don't let anyone tell you to settle for something that is so-so, especially if you have the means of getting a dres you will truly feel wonderful in and not just okay.

    I hope that it all works out for you! :o)
  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:15Discussion:8d2d9ea1-e2e2-4ea1-a175-04e8ed6839c2Post:e894f28f-e6e3-41a0-9082-428e17d5a4e5">Re: does anyone else hate their dress?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I can't pinpoint what i dislike. I think I'm crazy lol.  I just know that, and this will sound ridiculous, but i know that when I found my prom dress my senior year of high school, i had that "feeling." i looked at myself in the mirror and just felt amazing, and the girls i was with were like, "thaaaaat dresssss."  i guess i was looking for that same reaction from not only others, but myself, and i didn't.  thank you for the encouragement, though. i'm in recovery from a serious illness and haven't always felt the best, so that may be part of it.  and i love that dress! the bodice is gorgeous. do you want a shorter skirt?
    Posted by MangoSnapple[/QUOTE]

    Thanks! Just a tighter skirt...
  • My aunt had an issue with David's. They put her in a dress that she couldn't stand. She ended up getting a new one and they allowed her to return the other (my mom, her sister, called and threw a fit). She was very happy with her dress. I know we don't all cry, but I'm in the same boat, i bought a dress and it's just not the one, if you decide you don't want it, there are places you can donate  ( and they will help those out who need it. It's a good way to help others with something that didn't work for you and may for them. Good luck!
  • My friend had her wedding plans change several times due to her FI's dad's death and DB allowed her to exchange her dress twice. It's not typically something they do, but it's been done.
  • I seriously love the dress its kinda like what i wanted but i wanted a train and i wanted it to hug my body more at the hips to give me an hour glass figure. I recomend looking on ebay i found mine on there for 150 its from DB  and i tried it on 7 times before actually finding it on ebay. each time i tried i did so but with tons of other ones at the same time so i could open my horizon and i actually told my consultant a couple times im not coming in to purchase a dress today, I just want to try some on.

    Good luck

    and what does the dress you wanted actually look like? link?
  • Although it a pretty dress...if you're not happy, don't wear it.  Do you want to look at your pictures a year, two years, ten years, twenty years from now and all you think of is, I HATE MY DRESS?!  No, you want to see the joy in both your faces and remember how happy you both are.  Not that you settled on a dress you don't like.  I say go get the dress you WANT and LOVE

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    </div><div>I love the dress-you are lucky to have a figure to pull it off. I just think it needs a slip with some crinoline-and it'll be bangin!</div>
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